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Week 2 Injury thread (1 Viewer)

Maurile Tremblay

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The following players are questionable or doubtful as of Sunday morning:

Sun 1:00 pm - Aaron Rodgers [Q] - QB, GB
Sun 1:00 pm - Ben Roethlisberger [Q] - QB, PIT
Sun 1:00 pm - Davante Adams [Q] - WR, GB
Sun 1:00 pm - DeAndre Hopkins [Q] - WR, HOU
Sun 1:00 pm - DeSean Jackson [Q] - WR, TB
Sun 1:00 pm - DeVante Parker [Q] - WR, MIA
Sun 1:00 pm - Marcus Mariota [Q] - QB, TEN
Sun 1:00 pm - Marlon Mack [Q] - RB, IND
Sun 1:00 pm - Paul Richardson Jr [Q] - WR, WAS
Sun 1:00 pm - Travis Benjamin [Q] - WR, LAC
Sun 1:00 pm - Vance McDonald [Q] - TE, PIT
Sun 1:00 pm - Will Fuller V [Q] - WR, HOU

Sun 4:05 pm - LeGarrette Blount [Q] - RB, DET
Sun 4:25 pm - Leonard Fournette [Q] - RB, JAC
Sun 4:25 pm - Rex Burkhead [Q] - RB, NE
Sun 4:25 pm - Sony Michel [Q] - RB, NE

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All ACTIVE per Ian Rappaport:

Sun 1:00 pm - Aaron Rodgers [Q] - QB, GB
Sun 1:00 pm - Ben Roethlisberger [Q] - QB, PIT
Sun 1:00 pm - DeAndre Hopkins [Q] - WR, HOU

Field Yates‏Verified account @FieldYates 16m16 minutes ago


Aaron Rodgers: Active

Davante Adams: Active

Marcus Mariota: Active

DeAndre Hopkins: Active

Will Fuller: Active

Travis Benjamin: Inactive

Marlon Mack: Active

Eric Berry: Inactive

DeSean Jackson: Active

Devante Parker: Inactive

Paul Richardson: Active

This Newton injury was some bs from the defender.

Any updates on Ajayi? Did it look bad? 

Play by play said M.Gordon went off with an injury and didn't see any stats after that.  Was anything said about it? 

Zuerlein apparently hurt himself - per Rams Twitter just now they say it's a groin and he's questionable to return.

Todd Gurley jogged to locker room on Redzone. Anyone watching the game have any cause for concern?

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