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Wha? Nick Mullens? Who in the..... (1 Viewer)

Bronco Billy

Just who in the Seven Hells is Nick Mullens?  Even though it was against OAK, that was a pretty stellar start by a guy who I’ve never heard of before.  Does this guy’s career have any legs? Who’s got the low down?

Need to see him in real game action.

Toughest task last night was trying not to hit defenders in the head as they stood around waiting for SF to score so they could have a seat.

Fun to watch but it's hard to believe how tremendously awful that Raiders team is this far into the season. 

ETA: Draft profile link from 2017. Gotta wonder if the arm strength improved enough to make him relevant. Not many throws last night that went deep through the air. 25ish yards max as an "in-the-air" throw? 

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Couldn't believe how many times this kid threw in Goodwin's direction only for it to turn out he was targeting someone else in the same vicinity. Like #######, Goodwin could have had a HUGE game has Mullens been able to see the little guy lol. 

There were a couple pretty lucky plays that netted big yards on short passes, the 70 some yard pass to Kittles was an ill advised pass. Had turnover issues in the preseason also. Temper your excitement.

The good thing for him is if he does keep the starting gig, he gets two more below average defenses and a bye week before playing Seattle. So if you're desperate he's probably worth a grab. 

You don't want to be starting him in the playoffs (Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Rams) but if you're starting him that might not be a problem you have.

Think you have to throw him out there again to see how he does. Can't think of any reason why they wouldn't.

[scooter] said:
John Gruden is personal friends with Nick's parents and he agreed to do them a favor.
Gruden let him dominate in order to build confidence and he's gonna ship one of his 1st rounder's to SF for him. There's no QB that Gruden doesn't love.

Bronco Billy said:
Just who in the Seven Hells is Nick Mullens?  Even though it was against OAK, that was a pretty stellar start by a guy who I’ve never heard of before.  Does this guy’s career have any legs? Who’s got the low down?
Record holder at Southern Mississippi :shrug:  

I’ve known Nick since he was in high school, I rehabbed his elbow after a baseball injury.  As I stated in another forum, he was the best “pro-style” QB I had ever seen in high school, was criminally under-recruited (probably due to his very average mobility and size, not a desired RPO type of QB).   Broke all of the Alabama high school passing records...kid could throw the ball.  Went to Southern Miss, broke Favre’s passing records, with Favre saying in an interview that Nick was better than he was at that same stage of his career.  Favre called in during Nick’s post game interview, raved about Nick and said he wasn’t surprised at all by his performance (apparently Favre has mentored and continues to mentor him).

He is a great kid, incredibly hard working, he and his family do a lot of charity work.  The type of guy you really want to pull for.

I know this doesn’t provide any insight into his prospects going forward, nobody knows, but I do know he will do whatever it takes to take advantage of his situation.

Useless yet fun fact

By my count, there are currently only twelve offensive skill players who signed futures contracts that are still on the active roster of the team that signed them in January.

Mullens is the only QB

Jalen Richard and Mullens were college teammates.  After the game they were supposed to exchange jerseys, but Richard told him to keep his because it was his special moment.  I thought that was cool.

Nick Mullens - QB -  49ers

The Press Democrat reports Nick Mullens will "most likely" start Week 10 against the Giants.

The 49ers plan to wait until next week to announce their starter. Mullen had one of the better debuts in league history Thursday night, but it came against a barely-there Raiders defense. With C.J. Beathard trending down before his injury, the 49ers seem likely to stay with Mullen for another game. In a plus matchup with the Giants, Mullens is on the Week 10 streaming radar.

Source: Press Democrat

Nov 3 - 9:34 AM

No reason not to see what this kid has in a lost year, when the other option is Beathard. You have to figure out who the long term backup is anyways

Nick Mullens completed 27-of-39 passes for 250 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions in the 49ers' 27-23, Week 10 loss to the Giants.

Things didn't go nearly as swimmingly as they did for Mullens in his NFL debut last week against the Raiders. The league got some tape on him, and the Giants, unlike the Raiders, got some pressure, even though Mullens wasn't sacked. Both of Mullens' interceptions were on tipped balls by LB B.J. Goodson, so they weren't entirely the quarterback's fault. He still was able to move the ball with decent success, but Matt Breida on the ground was the star of the offense in this one. Mullens' score was an 11-yard hookup to Breida, who made a nice grab at the goal line. The Niners head on their bye week and will host the Bucs in Week 12. We'd guess it'll be Mullens again.

Nov 12 - 11:28 PM

I thought the kid looked fairly good last night for his second start.  His two starts look to match up more than adequately with the four first rounders this year.  Now I temper that given his level of competition on defense, but I am encouraged.

I thought the kid looked fairly good last night for his second start.  His two starts look to match up more than adequately with the four first rounders this year.  Now I temper that given his level of competition on defense, but I am encouraged.
Agreed. I said earlier in this thread that OAK was not a fair gauge, but NYG came to play and it was tougher sledding and Mullens played well.

The thing I liked is that be bounced back from the first, ugly pick that set NYG up at the 10yd line for their first TD. Would have been real easy to trip over his glass slippers from there, but he came back out swinging.

Will be interesting to see if he continues to develop. Maybe the 49ers trade Jimmy G back to NEP (joking... I'm joking).

Coach Kyle Shanahan said Nick Mullens will continue to be the 49ers' starting quarterback until he says otherwise.

That means Mullens will be the starter coming out of the 49ers' Week 11 bye when they visit Tampa Bay. The second-year UDFA took advantage of the tanking Raiders in his debut two weeks ago, and he played well enough on Monday to keep the job over C.J. Beathard. In total, Mullens has completed 70% of his passes for 512 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions.

Source: 49ers on Twitter 

Nov 13 - 6:22 PM

I’m putting this wagon back in gear... with Mahomes and Goff on byes and Trubisky doubtful, I picked Nicky up off waivers for the start against Tampa.  Only other options were Colt McCoy, Chase Daniel, or Case Keenum. 

Haven't quite decided on Mullens vs Josh Adams as superflex.... leaning Mullens with that matchup and Philly's rbbc headache.

with Mahomes on Bye, im starting russel Wilson, but this guy is just beggin for me to pick him up this week and play him......

Mullens hasn't played on the road yet, and I think there will be a heavy does of Brieda for sure...

Coach Kyle Shanahan announced Nick Mullens will start Week 13 at the Seahawks.

Mullens figures to have a much tighter leash this time around after regressing in back-to-back starts against the Giants and then at the Bucs after his coming out party game against the Raiders in Week 9. Mullens 45-of-71 (63.3%) for 471 yards (6.63 YPA) with two touchdowns and four picks the last two weeks. C.J. Beathard is healthy and ready to roll should Mullens again flop in Seattle.

Source: Curtis Pashelka on Twitter 

Nov 26 - 7:41 PM


49ers GM John Lynch said there have been no discussions regarding trading either Nick Mullens or C.J. Beathard.

Although no calls have been made just yet, Lynch did acknowledge that this is the time of the year when teams start discussing potential deals leading into final cuts. With three quarterbacks under contract, it's very likely one is shipped elsewhere prior to Week 1. Mullens outright out-played Beathard last season, but the latter still has the better athletic profile and pedigree. Either would be a serviceable backup in a Kyle Shanahan-led O.

SOURCE: Nick Wagoner on Twitter

Aug 17, 2019, 3:00 PM ET

NFL rumors: 49ers rejected several Nick Mullens offseason trade offers

...Last season, the 49ers were one of a select few NFL teams that chose to keep three quarterbacks on the active roster.

Behind Jimmy Garoppolo, general manager John Lynch elected to retain both C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens throughout the season.

Lynch has spoken about potentially trading one of his backups in recent months, but as The Athletic's Michael Lombardi noted on his podcast, the Niners clearly hold one of them in very high regard.

"There was about three teams trying to trade for Kyle Allen," Lombardi said on The GM Shuffle podcast. "You know what's interesting about the Kyle Allen trade? This is really interesting. The 49ers got a bunch of phone calls - when I say a bunch, a couple of teams - on Nick Mullens, the backup quarterback in San Francisco. Nick Mullens. They were asking about him, and they turned down every trade offer for Nick Mullens. They wouldn't trade him.

"Think about that. Think about that. Nick Mullens was like - Cam Newton had no value, [and] Nick Mullens [is] untradeable. Just put that in perspective for a while. Digest that."
Go to the link for the rest of the story with speculation on what they could get in return.


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