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What are some movies most people consider bad that you like? (1 Viewer)


I just watched this one a couple days ago, but the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I like the plot, I like the recruiting of the heros and I like that all the hero's are people from other stories. 

The other one is RIPD. I story is bad, the acting is mostly bad, but for some reason I have seen it 8 times and still don't mind it. 

Any of those end of the world movies.... Armageddon, Deep Impact, Day after tomorrow, San Andreas, 2012, Independence Day etc...  They're all terrible, but I don't care.
Armageddon is one of my all-time favorite :popcorn: movies ... You look at the "Snob Critics" who hate it and I have to beleieve the reason is they don't get that it was meant to be corny , outrageous and illogical.. That is what makes it fun.

San Andreas, 2012, ID4 are also fun movies to watch..

Day after tomorrow is only good until they start their trek to New York to save his son... Then it becomes a snooze-fest and Deep Impact doesn't really fit in with the others listed.

Cjw_55106 said:
Grown Ups.....both of them. 
Lots of :lol: moments in the first one...  if I'm flip-in channels and see it is on I tend to watch parts of it.

Never watched the 2nd one...

The Postman.

It's one of those movies I hear floated around as one of the worst of all time, but I enjoy it in all its cheesiness.  
I couldn't even think of one until this post, but for me, its this all day long.  I really enjoy this movie.


This is actually an awful movie but I love it. Johnny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, and Matthew Lillard (among others) are hackers fighting the man. It’s full of late 90s cheese with supercomputers hundreds of times weaker than my phone. It’s amazing. 


Okay, this is pretty embarrassing...

Think this one is making the rounds on HBO again.

Jennifer Lopez is just off the charts in this one.  Prime.  I always get sucked in.

Her love interest in the film though is one of the worst acting performances I've ever seen.  I like that actor too.

General Malaise said:

Cable Guy is mine.  I hate Jim Kerry.  But I really like that movie.
I hate Kerry too..but I watched the first Ace Ventura when my kids were little and could not stop laughing.

The Golden Child  (26 % on RT)

Miss Congeniality  (42%)

Summer Rental  (13%)

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (36%)

Tango and Cash  (33%)

Beverly Hills Cop II  (46%)

Mr. Baseball (13%)

All movies in my Vudu collection that I will happily watch over and over.

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