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What defines a bust? (1 Viewer)


How do you guys define a fantasy season as a bust? I'm particularly interested in first round busts but welcome opinions on the overall subject. I originally was thinking that finishing outside the top 10 in the player's position was a good indicator but then realized how unbalanced of an approach this would be given the uneven distribution of positions drafted in the first round.

Hmm, I'm not sure I could define bust. But I'll try with just using examples for first round busts.

If I draft one of Peterson, Foster, Charles, Martin I'm expecting them to finish Top 5 at the position. Same concept if I draft one of Brees, Peyton or Rodgers I'm expecting them to finish like Top 3. If I draft one of Calvin, Green, Dez or Marshall I'm expecting them to finish Top 5. If I draft Jimmy Graham or Gronk I'm expecting them to finish 1 or 2.

I think a good general definition for starter caliber players is to ask yourself at the end of their season if you would still draft them in the same round you originally drafted them in.


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