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What Do We Know About DuJuan Harris? (1 Viewer)


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from the article:

Part of the issue in forecasting Harris’ future is a lack of certainty. We don’t know if Green Bay is going to draft or sign a free agent running back or if they even want Harris to be the guy. The front office and coaches have said many positive things about Harris, but have not committed to him as the starter for 2013.
All the quotes this offseason seem to indicate that the Patriots do not beleive Harris can be the guy:
RB coach Alex Van Pelt suggested that the Packers don't view DuJuan Harris as a potential workhorse back.The undersized Harris didn't debut until Week 14 last season, allowing him to step in fresh. The Packers don't seem to think he can hold up to the wear-and-tear of an entire year. "It would be tough for him to see a body of work for the season, if he wore down later in the season," Van Pelt said. Harris may be some observers' incumbent favorite to open next season as the starter, but the Packers are intent on a committee-based attack. Expect them to add some talent to their current stable of Harris, Alex Green and James Starks.
The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel expects the Packers to pursue a "go-to back" this offseason.The Journal-Sentinel characterizes postseason lead rusher DuJuan Harris as a "change-of-pace" back. The Packers realized in 2012 that they needed a foundation run game, trying desperately to fit Cedric Benson and later Alex Green into the role. They finished 16th in rushing attempts, but 22nd in yards per carry. Benson is not expected back, and James Starks may not return, either.
I'd tend to agree. He didn't really look all that good despite being fresh late in the season. He seemed like the type that could fill in on occasion, but not the type of back a team would want to rely on week in and week out. He seems kind of slow for his size - albeit he did run with decent power despite being on the smallish side.
Could you imagine he Packers with a McCoy or Rice type?

Well f the Packers get a guy like that he is currently not on the team.

New Orleans may have done Green Bay a favor trading in front of them for Ingram.

Longer thread here about Harris' time with the Packers. He seemed to have promise at one time, disappeared and has now reemerged with the Seahawks.

Can he be factor in the last two weeks?


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