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What Do You Need Tonight? (1 Viewer)

need 2 points from Miami D in one league.

31 points from James, Clay, Barron and David in my IDP.

I think both can happen.

Plus 55, but he still has Lamar Miller, Adrian Clayborn and Phillip Wheeler to go. Should be safe - but a couple weeks ago I went into MNF down 30+ with only 3 IDPs to go and I luckily pulled it off. It was against this same opponent so I have a bad feeling he'll pull off the miracle for payback. That said, with the O-Line problems in Miami, I am hoping Lamar Miller finds tough sledding.

Mike James to get less than 6 points in one league (I'm screwed)

Vincent Jackson to get 150yds receiving in another league (bonus points at 100, 150 yards)

Superfreak James to run for 40 yards to take high points $ in Dynasty

Superfreak James & Wright to get 65 yards combined in re-draft to take high points $.

The cash is mine.


Let's go stallion. Keep rising like you have been the last 2 weeks.......big game tonight for Lamar.

125 yards 2 TD night (all I need is 50 yards and a TD and we are good).


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For my undefeated season to continue, need Miller to be held under 90 yards. Whole team #### the bed (Luck, Keenan, Dez, Graham, etc.). Bucs run D has been mediocre but MIA has lost 2 offensive line starters. Not feeling too confident.

Other league, I need Tim Wright and a 8 point lead to hold serve over Mike James.

So I'm rooting against both running backs tonight.

4 points (non-PPR) between Mike James and Tim Wright. It should happen, but I'm still sweating

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Dyno: Need Glennon to have negative points (down by .3)

Redraft: up 17 with Wright still to go vs. Reshead Jones. Feeling 95% confident

In one league, I need VJ to get under 21 points in a ppr. In another league, I need Lamar Miller to get under 8 points also ppr. I have a bad feeling about both outcomes.

Two leagues

A: 120 yards / 2TDs / 60y 1td from Mike James

B: basically same as above from Tim Wright except ppr factors in

Miami D + L. Miller < 28


Miami D + L. Miller < 52 (if I invent a time machine and start Foles instead of Romo :kicksrock: )

A 5th of Jack should do the trick. That ought to be enough to drown my sorrows of likely going 1 for 11 in my leagues this week.



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