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Week 15 - What do you need MNF to advance edition. (1 Viewer)

That was the most stressful night ever.

League 1: 16 team IDP SF PPR TE-P
This was a dynasty start-up. I had the best season I’ve ever had, finishing 1st overall in points. I’m up against the 6-seed.

Projected to have a 94% chance of winning.

My squad picked week 15 to finally have a stinker. Incredible, on Friday I thought to myself, “switch out Kohou for Desmond King…jets won’t be able to sustain enough offense for a CB to score”, I made the swap, then 5 mins later thought, “he’s your highest scoring CB. Don’t be daft” and swapped them back. That move cost me 38 points.

It came down to tonight, with a 5 point deficit. I had AJ Brown, my opponent had Bradberry. Bradberry had 0 points headed into the 4th. I was up 5 with 2 mins to play.

Eagles get a 1st down & the game is over. Of course they didn’t, and on the final drive, Metcalf gets 2 quick catches at 3 points each, and I’m down 1.xx. Add an ATK and I’m down by 3.

Now I wait to see if we get scoring adjustments.

League 2:
16 team IDP SF PPR TE-P
Down 3, I had Julian Love, opponent had DKM + AJB

I figured I had none chance to win. Zero.
With Love’s 1st Int I take a 6 point lead.

With 2 mins YTP I’m up ~2 points.
Eagles get a 1st down, win (like in league #1)

Next thing I know, Metcalf gets 3 receptions to put my opponent up 7.

Game ending Julian Love interception #2 and I win in the most epic fashion in a stunning upset.

Happy to advance, but this was the weaker of my 2 teams.

Eagles concert that 3rd down, I win both games.

AJB makes that last catch, I win in #1 & lose in #2.

In #2, I’d basically lost until the Eagles inexplicably throw deep to AJB into double coverage.

Thank god for Julian Love.
League #1 - non-PPR I'm up 19.7, he has Swift and AJB. Would probably need a nor'easter to sweep in like Charlotte yesterday. MFL has me an 86-14% dog.

League #2 - PPR I'm down 26.3 with Hurts and Lockett vs his Swift. Sleeper has me a 58-42% dog.

Miracle would be Jalen throwing a bunch but only to Smith and Goedert (and a couple brotherly shove TDs), and/or Lockett going bananas.

More likely: Swift and AJB eat and I lose both.
Won the first, came up < 6 points short in the second. One more tush-push would have done it.
We are waiting for any stat corrections.. one quarterfinal in our 14 team dynasty league was decided by .08

Another was decide by 3 pts.

Sleeper will not advance anyone till stat corrections are announced

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