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What do you need on MNF? Week 14 edition (1 Viewer)


Feel free to brag about your playoff bound team

Or cry about the team that has you curled up in the corner in fetal position


I have Murray, Hollywood & one of the DSTs, villain has Prater

I’m down…checks math…112.18

(dude had Hurts, Jefferson, Jeudy, M Sanders - if this were a quarter mile race I wouldn’t be able to see him anymore)

We’re both going to end up 10-4
(1 seed went 11-3)

he has the Total Points tiebreaker


Wiping this week from the memory bank, I still like my chances in the playoffs

Not even watching tonight, doing movie 🍿 night 🎥 with another couple
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Currently in 2nd but could finish the regular season in first if the current 1st team loses to a high scoring James Connor. One can always hope.
Have 2 teams with stakes tonight, one is high, one is low.

High stakes: Need 18.9 ppr points from Stevenson. Feels like he'll get there if he gets a TD. Gonna make the playoffs anyway, but a win leads to a FAR easier matchup. Would have won already of not for huge underachieving of Lamb, Higgins, Dallas D. Probably wishing I'd gone Hollywood over Higgins.

Low stakes: Need Hopkins to stay within 28 of Kyler in non-ppr. Feels very likely.
I need Nick Folk to keep it under 16 pts (he's eclipsed hit/eclipsed that 3 times this year in our league... bonus for length of FG).
League one need to make up an 8 point deficit with Hopkins as my means to overcome it.

League 2 have less than a 1 point lead with Hopkins going against h Henry. Also need m brown to outpace n folk in another matchup to knock the division leader back a game and out of contention.

Let’s go d hop
Need 14.5 out of Stevenson in a non-PPR and I get the 2 seed versus falling out of the playoffs. So, yeah, huge Stevenson fan tonight.

In a second league I need Hopkins and Stevenson to outscore the Cardinal defense by more than .4. Feeling fine about this one.

Big Stevenson fan tonight.
Need 25+ points from Kyler to make the playoffs.

He’s done it three times this year in my scoring system.

This also factors in that my opponent has Hunter Henry and need him to be relatively quiet.

I’m not holding out hope. But if there’s a time for Kyler to explode for me and my disappointing squad… now is the time.
Scott Fish Bowl:

8 points off the cut line, Hopkins and Conner to go. I imagine the cut line moves up a bit but not a ton. Hoping they can combine for 20ish.
Need: 3.6 points from Stevenson.

So, basically he can’t miss the flight.

Also, an extra 30 from him wouldn’t hurt since I’m that far from the points total.
My traditional fantasy leagues are all set, but in best ball I have a few leagues that need a big night from Murray and Hopkins to advance.
I basically need the Cardinals to suck and NE not to be too good in order to back into two playoff spots.
Down by 6+ points. He has Budda Baker (IDP league) and I have Conner and Hopkins). winner gets a bye in the first round of the playoffs.
Don't see a gamethread, so I'm just gonna leave it here. I'm saying Cards 30, Pats 17 tonight. Patriots always struggle with really mobile QBs, and I don't think their CBs can cover Hopkins/Brown. Cards can't really cover either, but I don't trust Mac Jones anywhere near as much.
Goff is playing so well. So he’s a nice cover.

Hate to even ask, but is Russ available? He looked good prior to the concussion.
Sadly...Stevenson going down was what I needed. Up 16 up against him and the pats D. Looking to complete a miracle run to the playoffs after an 0-5 start
3 more points from Conner to give me enough “victory points” to guarantee a playoff bye next week as the #2 seed (and puts $200 in my pocket). Thank goodness Conner came back into the game after that scare going out of bounds. Let’s go Conner!!L

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