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What does your league do during Week 17? (1 Viewer)


Our Super Bowl is week 16 (like most leagues) and I'm trying figure out if there anything our league can do week 17 other than not do anything. I've heard people actually somehow having a Pro Bowl. Cool idea. I just don't know how it would be done.

Pro Bowl is pretty simple. CBS tracks something they call "coaches rating". The highest ranked coach in each of our divisions picks a starting lineup based on the 5 teams in the division and emails it to the commish. :shrug:

Highest score is bragging rights. wOOt!

Pro Bowl. One division vs. the other. Division champ is the captain and has final say over roster, but all members have a thought usually. Losing team pays for the beer/pizza at our winter meetings. At the winter meetings we hand out the prize money and also pick the draft order for the following year.

We all gather in the same Vegas hotel where we had our draft, gamble, get ripping drunk, then gather in the same room we held the draft and make the two last-place owners get naked and swordfight. Winner gets to choose his draft position next year.

We give $50 to high score that week but then again we give $50 to the high score every week. You have to pay $20 if you are low score for the week but pretty sure that isn't enforced for Week 17.

I spend some of my winnings on my wife and granddaughter.

I told my wife that every year I win the title in my main dynasty league, the first thing I do with part of the winnings is take her out to a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant for putting up with my FF crap for 5+ months. She's gone out to dinner more times than any wife in my league. :P

Watch football and enjoy the playoff races without hoping certain things happening so my fantasy team can win.

I take the week off to enjoy my titles and prepare for playoff fantasy football.

:blackdot: Can always use some good ideas for my league. Looking like a Pro Bowl is a winning idea.

We all get together and complain about FBG rankings that didn't pan out that season. We call it "Randy Bullock" week.

Pro Bowl - been doing this since the 90's

Some of the prize pool goes to the members of the winning division.

Division champ is captain and sets the lineup - must include at least one player/DST from each team in the division.

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Pay out and talk ####, mostly. Update all our trade blocks. Immediately we ask anyone who needs to leave the league to step up.

The last few years in my 12 team league I run a week 17 free for all pool. We double the lineup for more action. I charge 25.00 per entry. Submit a lineup of any players that you want. Enter as many teams as you want. We use the same scoring system that the league uses. With the week 17 star players that are on teams that have clinched made it a little more difficult and created many different lineups. This has turned into one of the best weeks of the year for our league. Everybody has a shot in a one day event.






Last year I had 20 entries. Paid the top 3. 1. 300.00 2. 200.00 3. 100.00

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