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What herbs/spices do you put on a plain slice of pizza? (1 Viewer)

What herbs/spices do you put on a plain slice of pizza?

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Not garlic nor onion powder, those need to go on pre baking. All the others have a place though. 

I love me a slice of plain cheese but will also do oregano, pepper flakes, and garlic powder when the mood strikes. 

It's irrelevant how good the slice is, by the way -- at least to me, anyway.  

If available I like to douse any slice with some hot sauce. 
My GF and I watch this show on Youtube called "Hot Ones" where celebs eat progressively hotter wings and answer questions.  This has led us to purchasing in the neighborhood of a dozen different hot sauces (featured on the show) over the last year or so.  They're good on wings and eggs, but pizza is the best vehicle that I have found.

The lack of attention to detail to crust and keeping it crispy is becoming an epidemic in recent years.

If I'm making pizza at home, I always put garlic salt in the olive oil or tomato sauce.  I sometimes add oregano and parmesan. 

If getting pizza on the outside, I almost never get plain cheese and don't add anything.


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