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What if...¿[Brian Hoyer] (1 Viewer)

Unless Hoyer bombs across multiple starts, Weeden isn't coming back.

Mike Lombardi hates everything about the way Brandon Weeden plays the position. I assume Joe Banner thinks the same way since he and Lombardi are philosophically close.

Having watched every Browns game so far, Hoyer moves far better than Weeden in the pocket, and he has a much better touch. Weeden's arm is strong, but he's way less accurate.

So I wouldn't really worry about Hoyer losing the job quickly.

Now, is he a fantasy starter?

I'll say this. Hoyer gets the ball out quick. He's several SECONDS faster than Weeden at getting rid of the ball. And, he doesn't force a lot of stupid throws. He takes what the defenses give him.

He also has some really nice weapons. Gordon's a terrific receiver, Bess is a classic possession receiver, and Cameron is a monster. He's also going to throw A LOT. 38 Atts the first start, and 54 Atts the next weren't an abberation. He's getting a minimum of 30+ throws a game. and I think that's closer to 40 most weeks.

Everything is there for him to be a successful fantasy starter the rest of the year. Even the divisional games don't look as formidable as they once did.

This week is a good bellweather for him, though. He should clean up against a banged up Buffalo secondary on a short week. If he kind of drops the ball, then reign in the optimism a little, but like I said it would take something catastrophic for this regime to go back to Weeden. They have no interest in keeping him.
Bess is the piece that concerns me. he is supposed to play the possession role ala Jurevicious a few years ago. but i've seen him make several terrible drops. this could be due to lack of reps. IF Hoyer continues to improve every week, he could end up being a mid range fantasy QB.


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