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What Player That Has Never Received An MVP Vote Is Most Likely To Win MVP (1 Viewer)

Russell Wilson wins both Comeback POY and MVP in first year under Sean Payton?

Before the laughing emojis go nuts, 2017 wasn't that long ago when Wilson led the league in TD passes.

For age concerns, A-Rod won his last two at age 37/38. Russ is 34.
Wilson was just a different player last season. At times, he looked like a deer in the headlights. I think there is no question he will improve, but MVP seems like a long shot. Courtland Sutton would also need to play like an actual WR1 for that to possibly happen.
QBs have won 14 of the past 15 MVP Awards, with an average win total of nearly 13.5 wins. It's going to take someone on a really good team to win.
Lawrence and Tua had an MVP vote??
Was my immediate thought also. Kind of goes to show that at least some voters vote with their heart and NOT their head. Who on earth voted for Fields???!!!

Before I saw the list, Lawrence was the first name that came to mind.
Josh Allen.
Buffalo's offensive line lacked stability last year.
This year Allen's cap hit is only $18.6 million before escalating to $50 million per year.
He's posted MVP numbers but hasn't been able to get the championship.
The window is still open.
The championship could happen this year.
Rich Hribar
Buffalo used 12 different offensive line combinations for double-digit snaps in 2022 while their primary starting five logged just 42.3% of the snaps together.

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