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What position would you draft? (1 Viewer)

Assuming that the player you drafted was guaranteed to be a top 5 player of all time at his position

  • Running Back

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  • Defensive End

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  • Offensive Tackle

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  • Defensive Tackle

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  • Cornerback

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  • Linebacker

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  • Wide Receiver

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T Man

This is an offshoot of the poll regarding Bush and Williams.

Assuming QB would be the first choice (and it is an assumption), what position would prove to be the best position to draft #1 if the players you could choose from were all guaranteed to be HOFers and top 5 of all time in their respective positions?

Running Back, because if I have a HOF RB, then I almost certianly have a decent O-Line too. Off the top of my head, the only RB to put up HOF numbers with a less than good line was Sanders.

Looking at the top 5 on the offensive side, the teams with top QBs consistently were good and made the playoffs and Super Bowl. (All except Moon had at least one Super Bowl). Not so true for the top RBs; Emmitt, of course, but other than that you have Payton, who made just three playoff appearances (with one win) in the first 10 years of his career (before winning the Super Bowl in 1985), and Bettis, who won a Super Bowl as a bit player in his final year. Sanders never made a Super Bowl, and Martin had one loss.

On the receiving side, obviously you have Jerry Rice, but then Tim Brown (one Super Bowl appearance, lost), Lofton (two appearances, losses), C.Carter (no appearances), H.Ellard (no appearances).

I voted OT.

Very interesting question. For me, it came down to Offensive Tackle or Defensive End. In the end I felt I would rather have Reggie White than Anthony Munoz.


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