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WHats up with Edgerton Hartwell (1 Viewer)

Demorrio was flying everywhere last night. And with Brooking on the other side it doesn't look good for Hartwell.

Demorrio Williams is a stud. I still can't figure out why Williams is on the strong side and not on the weak side with Brooking in the middle.

Philly stayed away from the interior, for the most part. I'd give the starting MLB for ATL another couple weeks before panicking, although one solo tackle is a bit worrisome.

I'm chalking this up to the Westbrook factor...he just doesn't get enough carries, espcially up the middle for a MLB to get many tackles against phili. I'm not going to worry yet, but Brookings and Williams did look very good....tackles are going to be fought for between these 3.


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