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Which 3 of these RBs would you start? (1 Viewer)

Miro Z

PPR league. Need to start 3 RBs. Have these available:

Matt Breida

Jordan Wilkins

Adrian Peterson

Corey Clement

Alfred Morris

Reports have Breida running with the 1s (Morris is with the 2s) so he is definitely one of my starters.

Looks like Wilkins will get the start for Indy with Mack still hurt so also tempted to start him.

Also tempted to go with Corey Clement over Peterson for my third back. Clement has apparently looked awesome in the off-season and Ajayi has been ailing. Could also easily imagine Peterson getting 15 carries for 50 yards. Or am I over-thinking it?



I think Peterson is a lock. Redskins haven't been shy saying he's the #1 guy. I'd actually start both 49ers RB's. Clement and Wilkins will both be in committees themselves, so I think not choosing between 49ers RB's is the safer choice. I expect Morris>Breida.


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