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Which Chiefs' WR is going to have the best numbers this year? (1 Viewer)

Which Kansas City Wide Receiver will finish the highest in FF in 2023?

  • Kadaruis Toney

  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling

  • Skyy Moore

  • Justin Watson

  • Rashee Rice

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How's this working out?

WR target distribution through 4 games (snap %):
Rice 19 (36.9%)
Moore 15 (62.7%)
Toney 13 (19.4%)
Watson 13 (44.4%)
MVS 9 (62.7%)
James 3 (9.32%)
Ross 2 (17.2%)
I'm not too interested in the redraft strategy to Just Get Some Chiefs, but this data gives me some dynasty thoughts:

I don't care about snap share, their leading receiver is a rookie? Rice leads the WR in targets, but only playing 37%? That's an arrow pointing up. Puka Nacua is stealing this guy's headlines.

Skyy Moore looking like JAG, I have him and will sell the first big game he has, because he was one of those guys everyone loved coming out of college, and then went to the Chiefs. Some sucker will still fall for this.

Toney, whatever. Possible he puts it together, and suddenly stops getting injured (dood Fred Taylor), but he'll probably get into a rap beef with Lil Ice Spice or someone.

Justyn Ross is in year 2, and cannot beat out Richie James. I thought it was a clever stash, but he might be on the chopping block.
If your looking at targets per snap played Toney is the guy, then Rice.

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