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Which DB is a better Dynasty pick... (1 Viewer)

Which DB will have a better career?

  • Brodney Pool CLE S

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  • Marlin Jackson IND CB

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  • Josh Bullocks NO S

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I know it's tuff to gauge it now but in a rookie draft comin up I'm looking for a dependable S/DB that might be a starter for my team.S/DB is the only weakness on my D right now and could use a young stud to add to my team.

i voted jackson because youre looking from someone to contribute soon. long term i like pool the best, but they're all somewhat close. Bullocks could catch them both if he ends up at SS and bellamy is no spring chicken - although i see bullocks as more of a ballhawk than tackling machine. if you're looking for immediate help, i like rolle the best, but he is still not in camp yet.

Rolle isn't available. Just the three I mentioned.MJ: CB Marlin Jackson — Provided some big hits and showed flashes of what Colts coaches thought he could provide the defense in pre-season opener against Atlanta.Marlin Jackson vs. Nick Harper for starting LCB — Jackson played reasonable well in his first NFL pre-season game but still made the usual rookie mistakes.JB: Safety Josh Bullocks (second round) has struggled a little bit, but is still working with the second-team defense at strong safety.BP: Second-round S Brodney Pool is moving up. On one day he batted a pass forward, ran about five yards to catch the ball and ran it into the end zone..


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