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Which Players Have the Best 2006 Playoff Matchups (1 Viewer)


I'm scanning through the schedule and this struck me.

Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne

Week 15: vs. Cincinnati (ranked #26 2005 pass defense) MNF

Week 16: at Houston (# 24)

This could be critical in the playoffs.

What other players have two very good playoff matchups?

More observations:

Ronnie Brown

Week 15: at Buffalo (ranked # 31 2005 rush defense)

Week 16: vs. Jets (#29) MNF

Tiki Barber

Week 15: vs. Philadelphia (#21)

Week 16: vs. New Orleans (#27)

But, will the Eagles be weak in 2006?

Kurt Warner, Anaquin Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald

Week 15: vs. Denver (#29)

Week 16: at San Francisco (#32)

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How about Shaun Alexander Week 15 vs. San Fran? I likee, I likee! That could be a 5 TD game where he sits out the 4th quarter.

:D :D :D Shaun Alexander dynasty owner. :yes: :eek: :banned: :headbang: :pickle: :clap:


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