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Which WR returning from injury breaks though? (1 Viewer)


Having a tough time deciding where to rank OBJ, Golladay, and Sutton. All 3 have very similar ADPs, all 3 coming off of significant injuries, and all 3 have QBs who aren't exactly FF proven studs. In a redraft PPR league, who has the best odds to reach #1 WR (or #2) status and why? 


Drunken Cowboy

I don't expect any to break out to that degree, but Golladay is the one who could. OBJ is limited by the Browns running game. Sutton has too much competition for targets. 



Of those 3, OBJ has the best chance to return to form IMO.

Lack of faith in NYG offense and someone named Jerry Jeudy has me cooled on the other two.

And to be honest, I'm pretty cool on all 3.


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