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Who’s benching Mahomes? (1 Viewer)

Kwai Chang Caine

Not a WSIS. My lineup is set. I’m playing Stafford over him in an all 6 point TD league with a bonus for over 300 passing yards. So those parameters may make a difference. I’m curious as to who else is making the hard decision to go against the “always start your studs” mantra. I feel like pointing out that one of the hardest parts of this decision is to weigh wether you’ll feel more pain if you lose—again—by keeping him in and getting a subpar game—like most of the year or will it hurt worse to play a higher upside waiver add and live with it if Mahomes blows up? Curious as to the mind set of people like me facing a must win scenario today.
I've played him all season in the one league I have him.
It's been a very profitable venture so far.
If he's playing he's in my lineup.
No question.
Has he underperformed as to what I expected? Yes.
Do I hope for more every week? Yes.
Will I start him today and the rest of the year? Yes.
He’s my 1.01

I have Howell, but I’m rolling with Mahomie.

Helps that I’m heavily favored to win.
Howell is my backup as well, and actually contemplated it this week being playoffs.
Browning did me right yesterday.

I dunno - kinda feeling like Reid has something dialed up for today. Last year BB coaches Pats.

They’re not great against the pass. Plus I’d feel super dumb benching my 1.01 startup pick in the playoffs and watching him blow up my bench.

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