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Who has more upside? (1 Viewer)

Who has more upside?

  • Jon McGraw NYJ S

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  • Stuart Schweigert OAK S

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Need a DB in FA this week and was looking for some insight on who you think has more upside over the next two-three years.

I was looking at the same two last week (plus the Denver SS) and went with McGraw.

I went with Stuart Schweigert, but I believe it would be close. The new Def in Oak has too many weaknesses at LB thus giving me the impression of alot of FF value for the DB's.

McGraw has a bad injury history, and is being held back with a way to slow to heal hernia. This week he was demoted to the 3rd team D in camp. I think there is even a chance he could get cut.

Speak of the devil...It sounds as if McGraw was just traded to the Lions for a conditional pick. I'm assuming he'll compete with Holt for the starting FS gig. Kennedy is a lock to start at SS for DET.

Yep, I just started a thread on it. The guy can play, but he just gets hurt too often. The Jets ran out of patience. If Celestin is available, he would be a good choice now.


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