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Who will jump into the top 25 next year? (1 Viewer)

Joe McGee

Working on my keeper draft and thinking about who can make the leap into the top 25 next year.

I'm thinking Lacy, David Wilson, Luck, and if things fall right Lamar Miller and Amendola as possibilities.

Who have you got?

Mathews - just one season removed from being a top 10 back

Tate - depending on where he signs

DMC - unlikely to occur, but a 16 game season probably puts him back in there

Bernard - if he is getting 60%+ of the carries by the end of the year and they don't draft someone? I dunno. I'm reaching at this point.

Ingram - a bit of a longshot, but TDs impact draft status a lot and he could get lucky and put up 12+ TDs on this team. 230/1000/12 gets him into the top 25.

Hard to image many WRs making it in as you have to be top 5-7 to break into the top 25 overall... but have to think Nelson and Nicks have the best odds. I know Nelson is hurt now, but he was #2 in 2011 and #5 in 2012 before injury. Nicks would pretty much need to stay healthy all season (almost same odds as DMC) and snag double digit TDs. Both are outside shots due to injuries, but the talent/situation is there should they clear that hurdle.

I'm assuming you mean Top 25 overall but that's like 50% QBs by default. So I'll just say guys I think that could hit the Top 10 or better at their positions.

QB: Sam Bradford: I'm sipping the Kool Aid pretty hard here, I just feel like all of the stars are aligned for an amazing season and possibly a small rebirth of the Greatest Show on Turf style of play.

RB: David Wilson: He has all the intangibles to be a top 5 RB in this league. There's no question on his talent just opportunity. Tom Coughlin isn't a moron he knows the gold he has in Wilson and I really think he's going to be used a LOT more than people anticipate.

WR: TY Hilton: The kid just looks like a freak at every turn and point. I wouldn't be shocked if he puts up 1200+ yards and 10+ TDs this season.

Honorable Reaching Mention: Kenbrell Thompkins: Brady seems to have a lot of chemistry with him, I wouldn't be shocked if he had a similar season to what I'm projecting Hilton at if not more.

TE: Jordan Cameron: Weeden looks good and the guy is a complete physical freak and a monster end zone target.


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