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Who Will Win The Pro Bowl? (1 Viewer)

Who will win the Pro Bowl

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I was wondering who you guys think will win the Pro Bowl this year. On paper it looks like the AFC has a better offence and the NFC has the better defence (mostly Bear players). I'm going to pick the AFC but it should be a good game to watch.



What's this Pro Bowl thing you speak of?

Does anyone actually Watch it?

I tried last year to actually sit down and watch it.

I think I lasted 1 minute past introductions before the :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: hit

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The Pro Bowl is about the worst collection of people organized onto a field pretending to play a game that I have ever seen. Horrible game. This should be an honor, not an actual game.

I am usually more worried one of my fantasy players or a player from my team is going to get hurt more than I care about the actual outcome of the game.

the Pro Bowl shouldn't be a real game-- maybe a flag football game, or bring back the old "Superstars" format and let the RB and WR's race and the linemen lift weights..

the game is brutal..


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