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who's hottest - miss buffalo chip edition (1 Viewer)

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Get ready for the biggest MMA show in South Dakota at the Best Party Anywhere! The Buffalo Chip is hosting the MMA Fighting Championships “Battle at the Chip” on August 4th and 6th at 5:30pm for the 2013 Sturgis Rally. The fights will take place at the Buffalo Chip’s CrossRoads. Don’t miss your chance to witness MMA history and buy your tickets for $15 in advanced, $25 combo, or $350 VIP.Make sure to make your reservations now. Prices will go up the day of the events

Pro Fight:

Charlie Dubray from Nebraska to take on local favorite Michael “Texas” Cole

Zach Goodrich of Iowa takes on local Anthony Ackerman
Oh, and Angelina. Love me the Latinas, and how can ya not choose a girl who lists her assets as "34-26-with a big ole ###"?


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