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Wieners at Oscar Mayer change name of company car (1 Viewer)

I thought this was gonna be because someone was offended by wiener, which would be par for the course, with our society, these days........but it's to celebrate the all beef frank.

I'm not convinced.......I still think its an excuse to change the name from wiener.
Obviously, this is stupid on so many levels.

Aside for the obvious (going from an awesome name to a terrible name), it would seem that Oscar Mayer is attempting to punch way above their weight class here.

Oscar Mayer made their fortune on the Wiener. A terrible chicken/turkey dog for kids. People buy it because it has great marketing (like, um, the Wienermobile), and they don't really care that they could get a crappy Gwaltney or Bar-S dog for a lot less money.

So, they want to be a player in the beef dog game (I'm sorry, beef frank). I'm not sure how they pull this off. Generally, people that buy all beef dogs care about how they taste. That's never been Oscar Mayer's strong suit.

But I guess they marketed their way into a successful overpriced chicken dog, so what do I know. Hard to see it working though.
There mustard been a misunderstanding at the last marketing meeting. They assumed they had to ketchup with the competition. The decision maker should relish the time he has left, as they’ll be grilled for this.

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