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Will Hill (1 Viewer)

The Claymaker

Played 100% of the snaps in his first week back from suspension, also turned in a stud like performance, I watched quite a bit of this game and he seemed to be everywhere.

Does this continue? Is anyone coming back from injury that will change this? His game is tonight and I plucked him off the WW in 2 dynasty leagues, would love to start him with confidence and you would think on a short week, he should get the call again, but would love to have some other opinions or feedback on this situation.


They played 5 DBs for 100% of the game.

3 safeties: Hill (100%), Mundy (100%), and Rolle (99%)

2 corners: Amukamura (100%) and McBride (100%)

Terrell Thomas got the 1 snap Rolle missed.

Seems like an Eagles specific game plan. Not sure it will continue vs the Bears. But not sure which safety would sit either.

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I'm on my phone but there's a little info in the snaps thread.

Basically, he subbed for thomas at nickelback


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