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With league trade deadlines approaching, who are you trading for? (1 Viewer)


Which RBs, WRs, and QBs have the softest playoff schedule. Who are you sending packing, and for whom?

I just traded to get Boldin (which gives me Fitz AND Boldin - not sure how comfortable I am with that, but they DO each put up great numbers)

Right now I have LT2, Slaton, and Forte as my RBs.. I have a feeling Slaton and/or Forte will hit the rookie wall soon, so it's time to send them packing. More so for Forte considering he is the centerpiece of that offense. Rookie RBs have a history of not fully adjusting to the longer NFL schedule (at least that's the conventional wisdom, just don't ask me to back it up with stats)

RBs - Week 14,15,16:

Ronnie Brown - BUF, SF, KC

Joseph Addai - CIN, DET, JAX

Ladanian Tomlinson - OAK, KC, TB

Adrian Peterson - DET, ARI, ATL

Steven Jackson - ARI, SEA, SF

Addai's schedule is arguably the best, but he's been sup-par against weak Defenses already, and sometimes hamstring injuries linger, so I would probably pass on himm... I'll look to hold on to LT2 as long as he has a decent week after his bye, but the SuperBowl game against a stout Tampa Bay D isn't ideal (not horrible either, but could be better)... and if S-Jax isn't really injured (i guess we'll see this weekend) then I think he makes a good target.

I guess my top two are AP and SJax...

anyone have insight for WRs and QBs?

Few WR's that I have been trying to move for or have picked up becuase of their schedule at the end of the season.

Steve Smith (Carolina)



Roddy White



And you could match QB's with that list as well.

And be for you jump on Holt, and if he's worth anything, remember that you could get him for next to nothing right now, the team has won 2 straight since the new coach, and it's worth a roster spot trying to catch an upside swing. . . .if you are looking for a WR right no that will get you back into a winnin record, I would avoid him. . . .But I'm currently starting Wayne & Calvin. . .so stashing Berrian, Holt & Vincent Jackson on my roster, just incase I lose a WR down the stretch is the over all game plan.

Anyway, Fitz, Steve Smith and Roddy White are my top 3 for WR's if you can get them.

Might want to add Lynch to the RB list...he has Miami and NYJ in 1st 2 rounds but then Denver if you can get to the championship game

I just traded Larry Johnson, a 1st and a 3rd in '09 for Steve Slaton. Adding him to the backfield with Chris Johnson.


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