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Would you make this trade? (1 Viewer)

Mr. Z

We can start up to 4 LBs and 3 WRs. I am in dire need of a WR, but my LBs are pretty strong. My current WRs are S Moss and C Johnson. My 3rd WR rotates between Boldin (injured), Wilford (injured) and Moulds. My LBs are Demorrio Williams, London Fletcher, L Tatupu, Antonio Pierce and Kawika Mitchell. I've been offered Ray Lewis and Joey Galloway for Fletcher and Boldin. LB scoring is 1.2pt/tackle, .5pt/assist, 4pts/sack. WR scoring is .1pt/yd, 6pt/TD with bonuses over 100 and 150 yards.Edit to say that I can also pickup Crowell from the FA pool upon making this trade.

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That's important information, isn't it. It's a contract dynasty league. Lewis is currently under a 2-year contract, meaning next year would be his last guaranteed year on my team.

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