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WR Tyler Johnson, HOU (1 Viewer)

Sounds to me like someone at Rotoworld is trying to acquire Johnson on the cheap
I would be better with that comment if that was the motivation.

I think its just take lock though. Still talking about Johnsons athleticism (which is unknown) being poor as the reason.

That could be true but Johnson sure makes a lot of plays for how limited people think he is.

Tyler Johnson caught both of his targets for four yards and a touchdown in Tampa Bay's Week 7 win over the Raiders.

Johnson has taken a backseat in Tampa Bay's offense since both Chris Godwin (9/88/1) and Scotty Miller (6/109/1) have returned healthy the past two weeks, totaling 3/11/2 receiving off the bench in that stint. His lone touchdown catch on Sunday helped cap the Bucs' 21-0 run to put the Raiders away in the final quarter. Johnson isn't an option for re-draft leagues as long as Godwin and Miller are healthy but is a clear priority stash in dynasty formats.

- Rotoworld

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Tyler Johnson has 2 targets 2 receptions 35 yards against the Giants.

One of his receptions is on a deep slant route for 20 yards where he takes a bit hit on the play but gets up from it unrattled and makes the first down signal.

On these plays Johnson using good body positioning to shield the defender away from the ball and also protect himself from contact. 

I was hoping to see him play more than he did. I did notice he was out there with Evans and Brate late in the game but I don't think he played many snaps even with guys like Godwin and Scott Miller (who I think got dinged and didn't come back on the field that I saw after that) out they used Jaydon Mickens a lot instead (8 targets).

Not going to get any easier to get playing time with Godwin coming back and Brown joining the team.

I do like what I have seen from Johnson when he has been on the field. I see what he was doing for the Gophers is translating to the next level.

Potential off-season buy low candidate.

In the pre-game portion of the broadcast they were mentioning how Tom Brady is praising Tyler Johnson from his work in the practices.

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Tyler Johnson was held without a catch on one target in the Bucs' Super Bowl win over the Chiefs. 

The No. 161 overall pick of the draft, slot-man Johnson mixed in for the occasional big play but caught more than two passes only once. His 12/169/2 regular  season was nevertheless an accomplishment in a receiver corps stuffed to the gills with All-Pro talent. More than once, Johnson earned the praises of Tom Brady. With Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown both headed to free agency, Johnson could earn a bigger role in 2021. He turns 23 in August.

Feb 7, 2021, 11:03 PM ET

Tyler Johnson caught three of six targets for 63 yards in the Bucs' Week 3 loss to the Rams. 

Johnson nearly had a long catch-and-run touchdown if not for a shoestring tackle by a Rams defender. He out-targeted and out-produced Scotty Miller in a game where the Bucs were missing Antonio Brown (COVID-19), and looks to be the team's No. 3 wideout for as long as Brown is sidelined. The lightning fast Johnson shouldn't be rostered in most 12-team leagues though. 

Sep 26, 2021, 9:36 PM ET

Tyler Johnson caught 5-of-6 targets for 65 yards in Tampa's Week 8 loss to New Orleans.

With Mike Evans under Marshon Lattimore lock-and-key, Tom Brady focused more on Johnson. Johnson sped through New Orleans' defense on a second-quarter catch to gain 16 yards after the catch on a 31-yarder. Johnson was not particularly involved in Tampa's game plan in the red zone, but did not look lost. If Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown aren't recovered coming out of Week 9, he could be in a smash spot against a weak Washington secondary. 

Oct 31, 2021, 8:45 PM ET

I think he has looked good at every opportunity but is just so buried. A dynasty buy although owners probably holding 

I think he has looked good at every opportunity but is just so buried. A dynasty buy although owners probably holding 
Agreed but here’s my concern.  Since he is so buried, when does he actual get a shot t start? And more importantly, will that shot come with Brady still at QB?  

Warming up to Tyler Johnson as a potential play in week 10 with no Gronk again and Godwin in question. Evans can only handle so much and I'm sure he would see lots of help coverage if Godwin missed.

Edit: No AB either 

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Warming up to Tyler Johnson as a potential play in week 10 with no Gronk again and Godwin in question. Evans can only handle so much and I'm sure he would see lots of help coverage if Godwin missed.
Starting him (desperately) in 4 leagues this week.

They signed Breshad Perriman to the club. If Perriman's healthy, expect him and Evans to operate on the wings while Johnson is relegated to more of a Godwin/slot role. I think Arians wouldn't mind running Evans, Godwin, and Perriman like he did to end the year when Winston was still QB.

Johnson doesn't have Perriman's speed. This, of course, is all pure speculation and I roster Johnson in nearly every league I'm in, so maybe it's my sour#### nature telling me Perriman will play over Johnson. I mean, now that I think about it, of course Arians pumped Perriman's tires a little since he's new to the club. At any rate, it's something to monitor even if certain guys miss time.

Most likely Tyler Johnson is still only either a desperate play or if the stars align a sleeper, upside WR 3 / Flex play for week 10. Bloom seems to like him a lot this week so far and is listed in his Sleeper column. I'm looking at possible Flex play in one league IF the stars look like they are aligning closer to kick off. McNichols another possible Sleeper Flex play as well. Seems like the crowd likes McNichols over AD this week. Now to see where Tyler Johnson may fit it with all the injuries to TB pass catchers. His R O S rankings not so good at the moment. When AB and Gronk and Godwin all come back that puts Tyler back to FA.

With AB out, Tyler is a great handcuff for Godwin owners this week. Every week, Brady seems to elevate at least 2 WR's at a fantasy WR 1/2 level.

He can’t get open. I’m sure he’ll land on a team but he’s not good. When the entire Bucs WR room was down at the end of last year he did absolutely nothing.

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