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WSL1 Draft thread (1 Viewer)

so many players I would really like to add here (and a couple sniped on the turn)......

8.04 Mario Manningham, WR, The New York Football GIANTS

pming fiddles

anyone take a PM, will be out most of the day.
Hucks....and EVERYONE in this draft - you can Always send me lists - I am on more than most (at least for Jan/Feb)....on Left Coast (well after the big one hits in CA).....but generally up early and off early for referenceETA - I have pick for LHUCKS if we ever get going again......mark your clock Twilight......
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okay Rudy has timed out so let's get going

for Twilight

8.07 C.J. Spiller, RB, Rookie


8.08 Matthew Stafford, QB, DET

pming next

Just wound my way through the 8 rounds - good job keeping up with the picks, 'hook. (But there are 2 WR16s I think).

Anyway, BNB needs a WR3, so hopefully this guy gets his situation squared away. Regardless, he is WR2 talent:

Antonio Bryant, WR

Please PM next.

8.13 RB Jonathan Dwyer, ???

Saw all 5 guys I wanted go since my last pick, but them's the breaks. Dwyer is the most complete back available in the draft imo (though behind Spiller in explosiveness and receiving).

pming Duke

:excited: color me irritated - lots of guys checking in to see no movement when a very short list could have probably gotten us halfway through round nine

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