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Yahoo let me drop a player that is currently playing (1 Viewer)


Drafted Bullock for my Kicker and since Zuerlien went undrafted I decided, WTH, I'll pick him up.

I was able to drop Bullock and pick up Zuerlien (players don't go on waivers in these league and there are deep benches.

I've never see that before, guy is still playing and shows on my week 1 roster but dropped for week 2.

This must be because it is after midnight and this game is running so late.

OK, but the games are usually over by then.

I guess I'd just never seen that before, it usually tells you that the player cannot be dropped because he played today.

Depends on the leagues rules. One yahoo league I was in a couple years ago let you make add drops during games. That league was dumb as hell.


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