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Zac Stacey - Any love for the remainder of the FF Season? (1 Viewer)


A tough schedule ahead, but seems to have separated himself from the other backs.

Post all news here.

Any updates on whether or not he is at practice today?

I'll look at matchups week to week. I don't like this week, Panthers front 7 is impressive.

I was impressed with Stacy the last two weeks and think he is locked in as the feature back now.

I'm trying to sell high in the one league I have him because I can't envision a scenario where I would start him with confidence considering his difficult schedule from here on out. That being said, no one is biting.

Played in 34 of 42 offensive snaps last week (81%). Where there is volume there is value. Think of him as a poor man's Doug Martin. Probably not going to win you any weeks, but he'll probably net you 6-10 0ppr points and 8-12 PPR points each week. I'll play him as a flex in lineups I feel like I should win and I'll bench him when I anticipate needing a big game. I will be very sad if I have to put him in as my RB2 at any point.

Built real low to the ground, like a Ray Rice, which makes it harder for a defender to get a good shot on him. Was impressive getting thru and around would be tacklers in the Houston game. Couldn't get a great gauge on speed since he never really got into the open field. Looks quick enough though. Caught two balls on the move too which was nice to see, looked pretty natural.

Rams look like they might be moving away from the spread it out idea which I just don't think Brian Shottenheimer had a clue to execute, and going to a more basic, pro style offense. Used a lot of two TE sets Sunday, power runs, etc... Wouldn't be surprised to see Givens and Quick start getting deep targets off play action.

im surprised there isnt! granted it has been against some weaker run d's BUT he has been elusive according to PFF. in his limited carries (33). His yards after contact is one of the highest in the league and already forced 7 missed tackles. to compare jamaal charles has 114 attempts with 12 missed tackles, forte has 100/15, frank gore 103/12, spiller 84/11, dmartin 116/9, foster 117,10.

So far he hasnt been that bad, the line has stunk but has been decent in the run game, he can catch the ball. what a great flex to have and cant wait to see him utilized more as the season progresses

Probably someone worth more on your roster than in a trade unless the other team is desperate for RB help. I'm holding as a flex/bye week option and hope he can improve his worth this Sunday vs a tough Carolina front 7. If he has a good game, more will believe in his legitimacy as a fantasy starter RB2 type.


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