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Will Travis Henry be the workhorse in Denver this year?



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Oh please - you're like 5000 member numbers below me :no: (j/k around)

Ouch! :popcorn:Re my FF career: As I'm sure is the case for many others here, I've been playing FF much longer than I've been a member here, actuallyI've been playing longer than there's been a FBGs, Black Eyed Joe's and the yellow board (or whatever it was) - indeed prior to widespread internet access and Windoze 95. I've dated myself enough already, so I'll stop now....
Prior to Barry Sanders entering the NFL.... ouch!
Not quite that early for me - Barry was my 1st round pick (yet was not the 1st player taken) the first year I played.He did this: 16 | 255 1304 5.1 13 | 36 480 13.3 3 | :no:
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He could likely be gotten later in many drafts, and I see alot on FBG saying they have him at #2-#4. He MAY live up to that, but why not grab another player that has a higher value, and try to get Henry later? Or trade down if you really like him, and get a top-4 RB as well as additional picks??Just not sure if people aren't overpaying based on the DEN RB thing...

By the time I have my drafts I don't think he'll be available in round 2. I think he'll end up top 5, I don't want to mess around with the chance that I trade down and don't get him later in the first.
Yeah, true - it totally depends on when you draft, and how knowledgable your league mates are... I can still see him falling to pick 8 or 9, as I think most people would draftLT, LJ, SJax, Addai, Gore, Bush, Westbrook ahead of him, maybe FWP as well
I thought you said you had Portis ranked #2 in one of your posts in another thread? Are you downgrading him because of his reoccurring knee tendinitis, or are you simply not listing him here because you can get him in the 2nd round in the vast majority of drafts?
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I think this is much simpler than people are making it out to be...Shanahan went out and got Henry quickly and decisively in free agency, and then sent Tatum Bell packing to boot. He made no moves in the draft to bring in someone to compete with Henry, and then gave him a long-term deal. As others have astutely noted, Shanny's splitting of carries the last few years isn't because he prefers it, it's because he's had backs that couldn't stay healthy and/or were limited in some key aspect of the game. Henry will, barring injury, log a TON of carries this year IMHO and represents enormous value at his current ADP.

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Anyone have him ranked above Frank Gore?? I am seriously considering taking him at #3 because he is less injury prone and looks to have a monster season. Am I crazy for thinking this way?

I can't see Henry finishing #3. His ceiling IMO is #4, and a realistic slot is #6. But with thte turnover in the top-10, he's pretty much guaranteed to finish in the top-10. I think the same could be said about Gore, Addai, LT, SJax, and FWP. Those are your safe picks, but I would have all of them outside of FWP ranked ahead of Henry.

If you really want him, you'd be best off trading down 2 or 3 spots with the guy who wants Addai, Gore, Bush, Westbrook - and hope Henry slides, and if not take FWP.

As an aside... Henry is pretty injury prone.

Explain the bolded statement please. I know where he broke his leg one season. And I know he missed one game because of torn rib cartilage. Unless those 2 make him injury prone, is there something I'm missing? When else has he been hurt his entire career?
He's only played one complete season his entire career. I lilved in Buffalo back when he played for them, and he was injured, whether minor or not, every season - heck, almost every game he'd get dinged.
Way to completely ignore the question. He's missed time due to not being the starter or being suspended bc of his drug issues, but that's it. I don't care if he's been "dinged" while you lived in Buffalo. He put up some pretty decent #'s while being dinged. So again, aside from the broken leg and the torn rib cartilage (that cost him 1 game), what makes him injury prone? If you don't know or aren't sure or realize it's not true, you can just say so.
I tihnk I answered that already LOL! Whether he missed time or not, he got dinged alot. Add 4-5 years, and he's not any less liekly to break down, given more touches....

Hey I still think he's going to be a top-6 or higher RB. Not sure why you're arguing with me. You can disagree with him being injury prone -

No, you didn't answer it already. You saying he "got dinged a lot" doesn't make him injury prone. What kind of dings did he have? Do you have any proof of this? Tell me which player in the NFL doesn't get dinged? Again, aside from a broken leg, he hasn't had any major injuries and has not missed any time due to injuries (and 1 game due to torn rib cartilage in week 17 of 2003). If I'm mistaken, please let me know what all of these "dings" are. In fact, name me one RB in the top 10-15 with less dings aside from LT (who has had his set of "dings'). People look at how many games Henry has played and attribute it to injuries and that isn't the case. He is NOT injury-prone. In fact, he has one of the healthiest track records in comparison to most of the top 20 RB's. Injury history is a PLUS for Henry, not a knock. I'll be waiting for what these supposed "dings" are.
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