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***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

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4 minutes ago, SlaX said:

It worked for 10 minutes.  But now, it's frozen again.  The last two Manias worked fine, aside from audio problems at the beginning of the first one.   If this keeps up, I guess I'll be watching TWD live and WM on demand.  

Back up again.  In time for the first pre-show match.  Hopefully issues are sorted out by the main show, as usual.  I don't mind that I missed all the kayfabe pre-show commentary.

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I'm about to get on the road...     to Wrestlemania! I don't have exceptional seats, but I'll take a lot of pictures to share.

My 9 year said he would have liked Nakamura's intro if he didn't have that stupid violin player    but then I hit him with a Kinshasa and he piped down

BAYLEY to belly....big difference guy. 

30 minutes ago, Soulfly3 said:

How much of it is WWE's fault, and how much is it ppls crap Internet connections/isp issues

They could knock out a lot of the buffering/quality kinda stuff by simply changing their video player, which for who the hell knows for what reason currently doesn't allow you to choose your stream quality.

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4 minutes ago, Mr.Pack said:

I'll probably regret this, but my feed has been rock solid today.

My feed has been solid since the start of Kalisto/Ryback.  I hope it stays that way.

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Big upgrade. 

And we can officially flush the awful Bellas era down the drain. Never in my life have I seen 2 women make more of NEVER being over in their careers & flopping face/heel every other week in a desperate attempt to be so. No, I don't consider Brie doing Daniel's YES as being over. BUT AT LEAST NIKKI GOT THE DIVAS TITLE RECORD!!! For the all of 2 people that cared.

And speaking not over & twins, out come the Usos...

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A friend on Facebook mentioned this, so I can't take credit:

" How long til Eva Marie finds the Divas belt and declares herself champion?"

I think that storyline would be perfect for her.

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15 minutes ago, Mr.Pack said:

I'll probably regret this, but my feed has been rock solid today.

 I have never had a problem with the network ever. Sometimes I have to shut a few of the 16 devices my wife and kids have on, but never had a problem.

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Just now, Thunderlips said:

Can't knock it. Would have liked to see Austin pick Xavier up after stunning him and give him a beer.....but it was awesome. 

I thought this as well.

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