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2024 New Music Thread (1 Viewer)


I've been waiting for the 2024 thread to start and can't wait any longer as I'm backed up on tunes that I've wanted to post.

Anyway, here is the 2024 New Music discussion thread. Please include a YouTube or Spotify link if available.

I'll start:

Sahaji - Future In The Sky

Oasis influenced Japanese Rock N Roll band, produced by Nick Brine who worked with Oasis on the album (What’s the Story?) Morning Glory?

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The Lemon Twigs - My Golden Years

This has been described as The Byrds "My Back Pages" meets "Pet Sounds" era Beach Boys.

The Lemon Twigs are an American rock band from Long Island, New York, fronted by brothers Brian and Michael D'Addario.

RIDE - Peace Sign. New album is coming out shortly. Saw them live in Atlanta last night. They were amazing.

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Calling it now: the upcoming Sheer Mag album is going to be on everyone's year end list.
Moonlight Parade - Strange Times

🎶 You were blue and I was always red, always red🎶

Worthing UK, Jangle Pop, Guitar Pop band.

Not sure what qualifies as "new" but this is new to me
... and I think you should hear it;

Ripe - Settling
I don't think that posting this will cause any litigation, but I think that the basic premise of the thread is for songs released in 2024.

But it doesn't hurt to post good songs anywhere any time.

Yes, there is another thread "What song are you listening to right now" that is for pre-2024 releases.
Aoife O'Donovan - All My Friends

All my friends
All my friends
Will meet the end someday
So I'll sing a song for them
To guide them on their way

The Skinner Brothers - Tears In Her Tonic

London based band that is hard to pinpoint to a specific genre, as they have an eclectic sound which draws influences from many styles including Indie Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Punk.

Vulfmon and Evangeline - Letting Things Go

New Jack Stratton tune from his upcoming album, with Evangeline.

New Green Day and Sleater-Kinney

I want my Taco Bell airtime back for all the up-and-coming hardcore bands. Green Day has had their push. (I will admit their Taco Bell song is catchy as heck. They can still really write a hook.)

And then we want Sleater-Kinney's drummer back.

Oh, who am I fooling? I never cared about Sleater-Kinney. At all. Until about 2017 or so, that is. Then I listened.
Old skool (industrial) techno from Empirion - Father Time

Empirion released *the* techno album of 1997 - Advanced Technology - and this might be a return to that era.
The Ansells - Have You Got Time?

Indie guitar pop trio hailing from Birmingham UK.

Ferris & Sylvester - Rain

🎶 It's gonna rain
Rain down on you
it's gonna change
There is nothing you do🎶

London UK husband and wife Psychedelic, Blues Rock, Pop Folk, and Soul duo.

Dubinski - New York Arizona and This

Edinburgh, Scotland band.

"This tune has a special place in our hearts. We wrote it in the van on a long journey, inspired by the highs and lows of touring"

Perfectly captures the flavor, boredom & monotony of a band being on the road.

I just love the vocalist singing with dismay the last word "THIS" here.

"I wonder how it fares with Paris, New York, Arizona and this"

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The Street Puppets - Real Life

This is real life
You know what it feels like
You know what it tastes like
Maybe this is real life
Maybe this is real

Jangly guitar oriented retro pop from a Lisburn, Northern Ireland band.

Alfie Jukes - Eyes Wide

🎶 I'm loving you more
Than I have before
To see you with those
What is it for?
Staring at the door
Just meet me with those

Funky, very danceable with a great bass line.

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Society of Villains - Made A Monster

🎶 You made a monster, you made a monster
Now the trouble's coming back, it's gonna haunt ya
You wanted a monster, you got a monster
No, I'm never gonna stop until I want to

Look at me now
I'm a monster
Look at me now
I'm a monster🎶

Brother Vice - It's Not The End Of The World

Guitar oriented banger from a County Armagh, Northern Ireland alt rock, indie rock 4 piece band.

The Great Leslie - I Like It Here

🎶 Shaking shoes
Are steady
And thoughts are clear
I like it
I like it
I like it here🎶

London based UK Alt Rock, Indie Rock band.


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