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***Chicago Bears Thread*** Justin Fields is up

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7 minutes ago, -X- said:

Defense gave it up.  Can’t pin that on Burton.  Stop being stupid.

Of course I can. That's why there's a stat "points off turnovers.". You can't be fumbling the ball close to mid field and then blame it on the defense for not stopping every drive, especially coming off 4 days rest. Burton blew it, as he has multiple times in this game. 

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2 minutes ago, flapgreen said:

Lol uh yeah OK. Without their starting qb and coming off the shortest break any team has had between games since 2000, I'd agree. But that won't be the case. 

Take off the tint glasses Green, the difference in talent isn't even comparable with Mitch

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5 minutes ago, Finatic said:

You beat a NCAA team ................Congrats

Ah OK. That's one good NCAA team then. Just beat Carolina 4 days ago and Miami 2 weeks before that. Maybe someone should inform those 2 franchises about losing to NCAA teams. 

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The Chicago Bears leads the NFL with a plus-14 turnover ratio.

They also lead the NFL with 29 takeaways and 20 interceptions. 

Bears are tied for first with 15 forced fumbles. 

This is why we've been in every game this year. Even the ones we lost were close. The Bears can hang with any team in the NFL. It's not a 7 game series in the playoffs. 

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1 minute ago, mbuehner said:

I think the Bears match up with the Saints as well as anybody, strengths vs weaknesses. 

I dont know that they could beat them in the dome in a playoff game, but I think it would be a dog fight.

Yes, definitely. I can't imagine anyone wanting to face this defense. 

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  • flapgreen changed the title to ***Chicago Bears Thread*** Justin Fields is up

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