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*** Week 1 MNF - Texans at Saints - Let the PI Challenges Begin ****


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1 minute ago, Doug B said:

Remember Brian Westbrook doing that for the Eagles back in the day? :yes: 

Story goes that John Runyan told Westbrook if he didn't go down before the goal line, he'd kill him.

Something like that, IIRC.

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8 minutes ago, sho nuff said:

Booger criticizes them for wasting tome then acts like he knew it all along that keeping the TO was the key.

He really is bad.


Dude... that was such textbook talking out both sides of his mouth, I thought that I must have heard him wrong the first time.  Thank you for verifying that.

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23 minutes ago, Dez said:

Classic same thing for me I am barely winning vs Cam Jordan in 1 of my 113 leagues

I have the 1 IDP league. 

I was up 30 - he’s chipped away at it for last night & today. Death by 1000 cuts. Jordan with the sack to start the game & it’s within 15.

finished that game up 11. I have 11.4 points & Jackson (DB) & he has Simmons. 

I still have a shot. 

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2 minutes ago, Bossman said:

Hard to believe it's 2019 and we're still playing professional football on a baseball field.

Used to think it was cool when I was a kid ... how stadiums would convert like that. All the Saints old divisional opponents shared stadiums with MLB.

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13 hours ago, The Frankman said:

LOL they get the catch and first and STILL get hammered by the refs.

This one ref error is dominating local sports talk radio this morning. Callers more than hosts. We just aren't ever going to let up on refs. Saints fandom is shell-shocked and oversensitive to referee anything, and will be for the foreseeable future.

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