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Week 3 Questions For Bloom

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Struggling with picking my WR1, WR2 and Flex as I actually have several good choices for this week (I think)

Fitzgerald vs CAR

John Brown vs CIN

Frank Gore vs CIN

Mostert vs PIT

B Cooks at CLE 

Ridley vs IND

1 pt per 10 yards rushed / received, 2 pt bonus at 100 and 150 yards, 6 pt TD

Thanks in advance!

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On 9/19/2019 at 8:42 AM, rela10 said:

Hi Sig!

I'm in a 12-person, .5 ppr league.  I had Mark Andrews, TJ Hockenson, and OJ Howard as my TEs, and just traded MAndrews, Baker Mayfield, and Malcolm Brown to the Gurley owner for DeShaun Watson and Chris Godwin.  How do you rate this trade, and which TE do you trust more between OJ Howard and Hockenson moving forward?  I'm also thinking of grabbing Chris Herndon off of waivers for more depth - any thoughts on that?  My starting lineup with the trade now looks like: DeShaun Watson, CMC, Nick Chubb, Amari Cooper, Chris Godwin, OJ/Hock, Sony Michel (Flex1), and Stefon Diggs (Flex3).  Thanks for any insight you're able to offer!

looks like a good trade to me bc of godwin. id go howard this week and play matchups, momentum. hold off on herndon

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On 9/19/2019 at 8:42 AM, iamkoza said:

0.5ppr, im 0-2 and currently project to lose by 20 (thanks for nothing titans d)

im starting demarcus robinson and mike williams at WR..

I have to pick a flex between 

fuller @ LAC, 

Marvin Jones @ Philly

deebo v. Pitts 

devin smith v. dolphins


really tight. i give fuller the edge bc watson and maybe getting a rookie corner. jones and deebo have good matchups too and i wont talk you out of them

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On 9/19/2019 at 8:49 AM, Rubi said:

Thanks Sig,

                  FFPC scoring:

                                          If D.Williams can't go need 3 of the following:

                                                                                     R.Anderson @ NE

                                                                                     M.Jones @ Phi

                                                                                     J.Washington @ SF

                                                                                     M.Hardman vs Balt

                                                                                    J.Ross @ Buff

                                     And need 3 of the following:

                                                                                    T.Cohen @ Wash

                                                                                     F.Gore vs Cinn

                                                                                     R.Burkhead vs NYJ

                                                                                      D.K.Metcalf vs NO

                                                                                      M.sanu @ Ind

                                                                                      C.Beasley vs Cinn

                                      And 2 of the following:

                                                                                     T.Cohen @ Wash

                                                                                      R.Burkhead vs NYJ

                                                                                      M.Valdes-Scantling vs Den

                                                                                      J.Crowder @ NE

                                                                                       M.Goodwin vs Pitt

                                                                                       O.J.Howard vs NYG



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On 9/19/2019 at 8:53 AM, Goatstain said:

Dr. Bloom,

Standard league.  We start 2 RB's, 3 WR's and one Flex.  Current WR's are K. Allen, Lockett, J. Gordon, C. Samuel, & McLaurin.  Thought I was set with my top 3, until Antonio Brown showed up in Boston.  Now my #3 is a dud.  RB's are Zeke, Mack, A. Jones, Montgomery, and Mostert.  Would you look to trade a RB for some help at WR?  And if so, do you prefer holding onto Jones or Mack? 

Of course, this question may be irrelevant by the time you get to it, as AB could molest a toll booth clerk, while exiting the turnpike, within the next 10-12 hours.

Appreciate your help.

be patient, mclaurin might be the answer

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On 9/19/2019 at 9:04 AM, MissionCoach said:

Hey Bloom, thank in advance, 12 team league, 1 PPR, standard scoring

Pick 1 QB - Goff @ Cle or Dalton at Buf

Pick 3 WR's - Ross @ Buff;  Kirk vs Car;  Hardman vs Buff;  MVS vs Den (coinflip v MVS/Hardman)

Pick 1 WR - MVS vs Den or Fuller @ LAC (coinflip)

 Pick 1 Flex - RB/White vs NYJ;  WR/Fuller @ LAC;  WR/Coutee @ LAC

Pick 1 TE - Waller @ Minn or Olsen @ Ari

Pick 1 WR - Hardman vs Balt or MVS vs Den (coinflip)

Pick 1 Flex - RB/Ingram @ KC; WR/MVS vs Den; WR/T. Williams @ Minn (coinflip w MVS)

Pick 1 TE - Andrews @ KC  or Witten vs Mia

Pick 2 RB's - Penny vs NO;  Freeman @ GB;  Brown @ Cle;   D.Williams vs Balt;  D. Thompson vs Balt

Do you think any 1 RB will emerge in KC, or is it going to be a RBBC?

Thanks Bloom!


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Just listened to the audible, would you deal M. Sanders for M. Brieda straight up? or package Sanders/Michel for N. Chubb? Have Jacobs, Michel, Sanders, McCoy, Hill at RB. 

Also start one PPR, Sanders, McCoy or Jacobs? Nervous about Shady on the wet field. 

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On 9/19/2019 at 9:09 AM, mega_rob said:

Start 4 PPR (2 RBs, 2 flex) Michel, Jacobs, Sanders, McCoy, Moore, J Brown, Ross, Hardman, J. Hill? Hyde and Gore also available on the wire, but would have to drop J. Hill or Hardman to get either. 

Worried about Michel’s upside without receptions. Try and deal him now or wait it out? Rank for ROS Michel, Montgomery, Jacobs, K. Johnson, M. Mack, Fournette

KJ sony mack monty lf jj

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On 9/19/2019 at 9:09 AM, baileyboy said:


10 team; 15 roster; PPR (passing TD’s = 6pts); Auction – keeper league.

Start: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 D, 1K.

QB: Mahomes

RB: Ingram; D. Freeman; R. Freeman; M. Brown; Duke Johnson

WR: Thielen; Juju; John Brown; Tyreek Hill

TE: Andrews; Hockenson

DEF: Dallas; Jacksonville

K: Butker


Players available on waiver wire:

M. Hardman - WR

T. McLaurin - WR

J. Ross - WR

DJ Chark - WR

Darwin Thompson - RB

Jordan Wilkins - RB

Justice Hill – RB


Any obvious pickups you suggest? Who should I drop?


Thank you sir!

duke for darwin

JAX D for chark or mclaurin or ross

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Hi Bloom,

0-2 so need to turn this ship around... 0.5 PPR, 6 pt TD's. Everything else is fairly standard.

Pick 1 RB: Michel, Freeman, Barber, Wilkins, Mostert

Pick 3 WRs: Cupp, Agholor, Demarcus Robinson, Josh Gordon, Devin Smith

Flex: Any one of the above.

Owe you a beer next time you are in Calgary...

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Hey Sig, 

0.5 ppr, need 3 WRs, which one sits?

Diggs, Gordon, Godwin, Demarcus Robinson

I also have the option to sit Sony at RB 2 and play all 4 wr if it matters--


Thanks as always, sir!

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Edit to add Curtis Samuel
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Hey Sig,


12 team ppr - pick one :  Ridley, Hilton, Ross, dk

10 team no ppr - pick one :  Fitzgerald, Ross

better bench stash 10 team ppr 2rb/2wr/2 flex:  this would be my rb5 - C. Thompson for Darwin?

fan dual:  ‘McCoy and engram’ or ‘chris thompson and kittle’

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Pick 3 for the win;

Gordon vs MIA

Edelman vs NE

Fitzgerald vs CAR

Evans vs NYG

Brown vs CIN

McLaurin vs CHI


I currently have Mayfield vs LAR

Other available options are;

Garoppolo vs PIT

Rudolph vs SF

Jones vs TB

Keenum vs CHI

Bridgewater/T. Hill vs SEA

Any QBs you like more than Mayfield?

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League 1: Which of these two players should I drop to pick up a K and DST? I’m 0-2 and need a win, but also thinking rest of season. Non PPR 1 player keeper. TE replaced with a flex spot.

Starters now: Winston, Julio, Adams, D.Johnson, Gore, Cooks, need K and DST

Bench: James White, Kittle, Malcolm Brown, AJ Green, Melvin Gordon, Hill, Darwin Thompson (would you start any of these guys instead?)

League 2: Since White is out, AP or Hill at RB? Half PPR.


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On 9/19/2019 at 9:26 AM, flexyplay said:



Roster in question—

Lamar, Rivers, Mariota

Chubb, Ekeler, Kerryon, Breida, Singletary, Malcolm Brown, Mattison

Beckham, Godwin, Moore, MVS, AJGreen, Tate


Would you sell high on Engram or MAndrews for maybe a WR2 or start them both? 

Also, ROS, how do you feel about MVS and Moore? Will they maintain solid WR3 status throughout the year? Thinking of putting together a package to upgrade after they have a good game.

Also, please rank the following ROS:

DarwinT 3

Rex 6

Wilkins 7

Mattison 4

Breida 2

Malcolm Brown 5 

Singletary 1



sell high on a TE

MVS high ceiling Moore high floor but they remain WR3/Flex options

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On 9/19/2019 at 10:03 AM, 4th&inches said:

It's week 3, the weather hasn't turned yet, and Oktoberfest time! all is good!

Seems to be my regular weekly question(s), so as always, thank you in advance & apologies for the length (will make separate posts to break things up)

Scenerio: 12-team, .5 PPR, Passing Redraft league (short bench) (QRRWWTFKD)

My roster (Starters in Bold?

  • QB: L. Jackson
  • RB: Chubb, Montgomery, Henry, Singletary, 
  • WR: A. CooperJ. Gordon, Robby Anderson, Mike Williams, Tyreek Hill
  • TE: Kelce, Hock
  • K: Elliot
  • DST: CLE

Question 1: Would you drop CLE defense for one of the following:

  • SF vs. PIT
  • SEA vs. NO
  • PHI vs. DET
  • TB vs NYG

Question 2: Since my WR corp is basically a bunch of WR3's after Cooper (edit: Gordon is back to a WR2 IMO now that AB is gone), would you add any of the following? If so, who would you drop?

  • Hardman vs. BAL (already have Kelce though)
  • R. Cobb vs. MIA
  • Deebo Samuel vs. PIT
  • Goodwin vs. PIT
  • J. Washington @ SF
  • or Jordan Wilkins to try and flip him to the Mack owner with Mack banged up


Thanks again for doing this each week

sit tight on Q2

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On 9/19/2019 at 10:07 AM, xenon said:

Hello Again and Thank You!

League # 1 PPR (main league):

QB - Wilson or Goff (4pts passing TD, 6pts rushing TD, 1pt/25 yds passing, bonus @ 300 yds)

RB - Jones, Mostert, Mack, LIndsay (pick 2) - - (1pt/10 yds rushing, 1pt/10 yds receiving, bonus @ 100 yds rushing & bonus @ 100 yds receiving as well)

Jones and Mostert either way

*With Mack status unknown as of Thursday AM, can you please propose two scenarios?  One with Mack active and one of assumption that Mack is not active?

and if un-active and do you think Wilkens is a good pick up? and worthy of consideration to start?  I would drop DeDe Westbrook.

WR - Hopkins  +  Evans OR McLauren

TE - Olsen or Waller (scoring same as above)

Flex- Any RB or WR from above not selected or Dede Westbrook 

D - Ravens or Titans (leaning Titans vs Jax)


League # 2 PPR: - scoring same as above

RB - Mack, Michel, C. Thompson, Mostert (Pick 2)

*With Mack status unknown as of Thursday AM, can you please propose two scenarios?  One with Mack active and one of assumption that Mack is not active?

WR - For context, rolling with Keenan and Devante & Waller @ TE

Flex - JuJu, McLauren, C. Sutton

Def - I have DEN rostered but the following are avail for drop/add (Buf, Det, Sea, NO, CAR)


Thanks Again!


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On 9/19/2019 at 11:05 AM, corbettkb said:

Hello Sig. 

Could I ask you a trade question? would you rather have

Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, OJ Howard & Josh Gordon

OR Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper & Greg Olsen

OR Josh Allen, Odell Beckham & Greg Olsen? 

Thx so much.

lamar and dak choice

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On 9/19/2019 at 11:59 AM, heaton76 said:

Two big Flex spot questions:

1. O.5 PPR, 12-team dynasty league with deep benches - 2 flex spots - Need to pick 2 of these 3: Metcalf, Gore, Mostert (leaning towards Metcalf and Mostert for upside)

2. 0.5 PPR, 12 team league - My WRs are Beckham, Smith-Schuster, Watkins, and Golladay - can only play 3 - should I go with Watkins or Golladay as my flex? Or play both and sit JuJu?

sit juju

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My team in a 10 league that starts qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 2 flex, k, d.

QB: dalton/brees

Rb: chubb, k johnson, lindsay, breida, m brown, a peterson

Wr: d adams, hilton, lockett, marquis brown, Robby anderson, Terry mclaurin

K: slye

Defense:  dallas

Would you drop anyone for newton/winston or just ride dalton till brees gets healthy?

Also, i think i need to improve on Johnson as my #2 rb.  Who is someone you would target?


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On 9/19/2019 at 1:27 PM, Rohit said:


   Full ppr pick 1 rb and 1 flex(rb/te/wr)

leonard fournette/ aaron jones

sammy watkins/boyd/tyler lockett/mecole hardman/mccoy/waller


would you also drop desean jackson or miles sanders to pick up wilkins?

sorry i missed this would went jones/watkins

hold your eagles


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On 9/19/2019 at 2:39 PM, Jsmiff said:


As Im typing this its thursday afternoon so a lot will change. Im looking to start 1 RB and 2 flex from these options in 1pt ppr.

Rbs: Mostert vs Pitt, Wilkins vs ATL, Darwin vs BAL

WR: MVS vs Den, Mecole vs BAL, Ridley vs Ind (wont talk you out of MVS)

Im thinking.....   Rb: Wilkins (no Mack) or Mostert if Mack       Flex: MVS, Ridley (I could chose Mecole over either guy but hes still raw, scares me)

Note: dude Im playing has Zeke so I might need some punch but I have a good feeling about MVS

Also, what are your thoughts on Will Dissly ROS? he started strong last year then lost for season, hes back and starting strong again, would have had 90 total yards last week but a 40 yarder wiped away on penalty. dude can ball. might should get in early. 

agree dissly could continue to surprise

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