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Wow, this stuff is brutal and amazing. Paige Van Zant is the main :wub:  But holy crap these fights are brutal. Way better than the barstool Jose Canseco stuff going on tonight 

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VanZant's opponent looked like a freaking giant compared to her at the face offs.

They probably threw a trunk full of money at her but an interesting "long term" fighting promotional choice for her. I'm thinking fighting won't be a long-term thing for her. 

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Just now, shuke said:

Is this MMA or just boxing without gloves?  Where do I watch?

Main event just ended.  It's basically boxing without gloves although they allow clinching as long as the fighters are active and not just holding each other.

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I didn't watch last night but I have a few connections to the event.

1. A side I've literally known since kindergarten is currently the boxing/MMA commissioner of Wyoming.  He was the first to legally sanction and regulate bare-knuckle boxing in the US.  Nothing to do with FL obviously but he got the sport (re-) started in the US.

2. One of the girls who fought last night, Taylor Starling, is from the MMA gym I used to train at.  Her head instructor, Keith Richardson, is a friend of mine.  Short dude, trimmed beard.  Apparently let out up to 5 f-bombs in 3 secondsat one point (if comments on my facebook feed are accurate).

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