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    14 Team PPR Low Stakes league

    I ran this league last year and had a great time... please find the details below and contact me at if you are interested. We will be drafting Tuesday at 6:00 PM Mountain Time. - JW Sexy #####es FF – Fantasy Football Cash league Entry Fee: $35 Host site...
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    Kyle Orton

    You can probably cross-off: Seattle - Just invested significant capital in Charlie Whitehurst and they will at least have to give him another year to fall on his face before going in a different direction Tennessee - Owner seems set on giving VY another year Oakland - No way he's traded...
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    Josh McDaniels had a confrontation with 2 vets

    If that's the case then he deserved to be fired. In all fairness, the defense greatly outperformed the offense in 2009 so why does everyone take issue with him using draft picks on offense? I understand Tebow / Richard Quinn (LOL) - but the others...
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    Josh McDaniels had a confrontation with 2 vets

    People opining that Denver would be better off with Cutler and Marshall have not been paying attention. Orton has outperformed Cutler but any measure imaginable; similarly Lloyd has greatly outperformed Marshall. If anything he should be lauded for selling high on overrated players. Obviously...
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    ** Official 2010 Denver Broncos Offseason Thread **

    In all fairness Ayers could have been considered the second best pass rusher on last year's team (second on the team with 22 pressures playing roughly 40% of the snaps) he just didn't convert those pressures into sacks. And he did have one sack in 2009 that was called back by a Dawkins defensive...
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    Cutler or Orton, who is the better QB

    No one is throwing around DVOA/DVAR? Better measure than QB Rating IMO, which does not penalize taking sacks/fumbles, doesn't adjust for context, etc. 2010: Orton DVOA: 31.2%, DVAR: 518 (2) 2009: Orton DVOA: 13.3% (17) DVAR: 877 (12) 2008: Orton DVOA: -.9% (25) DVAR: 334 (21) 2010: Cutler...
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    Is Kyle Orton Becoming a Weekly Start?

    Raiders had a terrible pass defense last year, don't confuse cause and effect. The fact that the Raiders were in the top 10 in yards allowed vs. the pass was not because they were an effective pass defense, but because teams were usually beating them and thus were running out the clock instead...
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    Is Kyle Orton Becoming a Weekly Start?

    Traded TE M. Lewis and TE T. Moleaki for him in redraft 14 team PPR, 6 points per passing TD, 1.5 PPR TE league. Very happy just wish I could have gotten him sooner as I drafted Palmer/Klob... Things are really lining up for King Neckbeard to have an amazing season: - Good, diverse...
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    ** Official 2010 Denver Broncos Offseason Thread **

    Great thoughts, I enjoy reading these
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    ***Official Week 1 Wagering Thread***

    I fell victim to the same thing with Atlanta :(
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    ***Official Week 1 Wagering Thread***

    Nice... Ravens are a great bet tonight. Early Week 2 Lines:Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns (-3 +110)Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers (-13.5)Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals (PICK)Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans (-5)Philadelphia Eagles (XX QB) at...
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    ***Official Week 1 Wagering Thread***

    I like to bet one 2 team Teaser every week. This week I did: GB (+6) over PHI and BAL (+8.5) over NYJ Each game teased 6 points, looks good so far.
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    Jay Cutler

    First he "came on" the last two weeks against two of the weaker pass defenses in the league, Minnesota (22nd in Pass Defense according to football outsiders) and Detroit (32 in pass defense according to FO). Week 17 is meaningless for FF and it's highly doubtful you were starting him in a week...