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2016 Snap Count Thread (1 Viewer)


He wore the green dot last night (calling plays) and never came off the field. I don't think anyone expected that but was a nice surprise for those that got him much cheaper than Wilhoite. He played very fast, but was too fast at times as he over-ran plays and got juked out a few times creating a good amount of missed tackles. I actually found myself cringing every time he missed a tackle. He ended up lying in the grass alot. I hope that doesn't affect how they roll out next game. It shouldn't as I think he only gets better from here. He did make some really nice plays.



Nick Bellore played every defensive snap last night plus 15 on special teams.
The dude looked terrible I really hope this changes next week and Wilhoite gets the snaps we all thought he was going to get. I don't understand the coaching staff right now.  /Ninerfan 



5Rings said:
The dude looked terrible I really hope this changes next week and Wilhoite gets the snaps we all thought he was going to get. I don't understand the coaching staff right now.  /Ninerfan 
Wilhoite got almost as many snaps as Bellore. They both started.




Quick thought beore my thoughts:  One thing I do now with this exercise is look at snap counts before looking at the box score.  Which I am sure is rare, but I think is a good idea.  Looking at the snap counts without knowing the tackle/sack/INT numbers kind of makes me look at the numbers objectively, and I feel like if I see some guy has 6 tackles, and THEN I see that he only played 40% of snaps, I mght dismiss it, and try and shoehorn a guy into a starter role because of the tackle numbers.  Looking at the snap counts I feel like I see who was important to the team defense, and if I see a rising trend in snaps, that's more important than stats from one game.  Anyway.......


The headline is Bellore/Wiloite for sure, but I am keeping my eye on the secondary as well.  Nick Bellore was at 100%, Wilhoite was 79%.  I watched about 80% of the game, and only really noticed that Bellore was always around the ball, missed a few tackles, and I saw Wilhoite getting blocked easily a few times--hey that happens.  Wilhoite we know is JAG, and Bellore I don't think I ever heard of before Thursday.  Bellore is obviously worth a pickup, but I think both are worth roster spots.  There's no other LB waiting in the wings, right??  Well, maybe.  Jaquiski Tartt played 62% of snaps.  Now, he hasn't blown up the stat sheet yet, but I'm gonna look into him more.  Something very odd/interesting about this game:  Very few true CBs played beyond the starters.  The Cards, many of you know, play Honey Badger as a slot corner on passing downs. There was not one snap played by any other non-starting CB by the Cards.  Crazy.  The 49ers, meanwhile, are even more interesting.  The 3rd 49er CB, someone named Reaser, played 22%.  So was Tartt playing slot corner?  Were the 49ers using him asa a nickel LB over Wilhoite?  My hazy memory of Tartt was not as a CB/S hybrid, so I dunno what they were doing.  I may actually re-watch the 49ers play.  Pray for me.  ---Yeah, I didn't think so.  Here's Tartt's draft profile.  He's 221, that's no slot corner.  

I'm gonna make a few quiet investments on Tartt this week, I think, trying to strike some moneybacker gold.  I dunno, this is coming from nowhere, but I'm gonna read some local 49er press, see if I can get a read.  If the 49ers decide that Wilhoite or Bellore aren't worth 3 down work, might have something here.  Whatever, don't go cutting Khalil Mack for him or anything, OK?

One more thing about the 49ers.  That Rashard Robinson kid was a sleeper with some off the field stuff before the draft, and he looks like a very good pure cover guy.  Dunno if this has fantasy relevance, but he had an interesting pre-draft story, and it is good to see him starting.  

DJ Swearinger, huh?  Hmmm, we'll see.  Consider:  49ers only completed 18 passes, ran the ball 34 times, and run that Chip offense, I don't think anyone can take a 49er game as any kind of stat sheet trend.  So, I am going to assume he is the worst Cardinal safety, and continue to ignore him.  Anyone has a different opinion, please share, I admit I haven't been looking at him at all.  


The CLE safety position:  If you are a glutton for punishment, here's the data:  Poyer 100%, Kindred 55%, Campbell 49%.  Moving on..........

Davis and Kirkesy both 100%, and both had good games.  

The rookie corner rule in effect for a non-rookie, my man Jamar Taylor.  

Patriots news from this game?  Meh.  They enjoyed their week off from actual football.  Hightower played 49%.  Some LB named Elandon Roberts had 6 tackles.  My guess is probably on kickoff coverage, they certainly got plenty of chances.  


Some interesting stuff here, for sure.  It's funny that in a game between a trainwreck and a dumpster fire, there's IDP gold, but there you have it.  

After the Sio Moore cleansing, we have no exciting answers here, at LB anyway.  Antonio Morrison 38%, Josh McNary 38% (Morrison does play all the ST, it looks like).  As discussed last week, it may be a platoon situation unless someone pulls away.  

It's D'Qwell and Geathers for me from this D.  The corners probably have some fantasy value, but I don't own any so.........knock yourself out.   :D

In case you missed it, and why would you not have missed this game, Bears saeties Amos and Jones-Quartey had to be separated during the game, for arguing about who blew a coverage on a 4th and goal TD pass.  I urge you to do some research on this, but it looks like Jones-Quartey was benched, Chris Prosinski came it to replace him.  Now, this is clearly bad news for Jones-Quartey, but I think it also might be bad news for Amos.  My guess is that he'll be playing the deep part of the field more now.  I mean, the other safety is named PROSINSKI.  Does that sound like the kind of speedy athlete you want in the deep middle?  No, no it does not.  #whiteguystrongsafety 

Danny Trevathan returns!  84% of snaps, which makes my interest in Amos and Prosinski a bit less.  Also, and this just occurred to me:  I feel like the Bears want to play ball control, run the ball, and shorten the game.  That's not good for those peripheral defenders.  Less snaps, no shootouts, less tackles.  I might be out on any other Bears aside from the two LBs.  

Bears had 5 sacks.  Because Colts.  I wager they will not reach that total the rest of the year.


So this is one of those outlier games.  Bengals get killed by Dallas, Zeke runs all over them, and Cowboys scored quick, so they ran fewer than normal plays.  Will CIN play this bad next week?  Are they a bad team?  No.  

The only Bengals worth starting this week was Burfict, and Dunlap.  Carlos Dunlap is a top 3 DE in this league, man.  He is so good.  Burfict racks up 9 tackles, after him it was a DE and a CB on the tackle sheet.  Like I said, outlier game.  

CIN snap counts are interesting:  Maualuga 81%, Burfict 77%, Dansby 68%, Rey 23%.  Vincent Rey being useful seems like a long time ago.  I do not expect Maualuga's snap counts to stay that high.  If you were considering picking him up, punch yourself in the face, and we will never speak of it again.  

By the way, CIN safeties will drive you insane.  Like, Matthew Stafford-is-my-starting-fantasy-QB insane.  Just stay away from them.  John Norton has been saying this for years.  


Dang, check out the Falcons. Have beaten this year:  Panthers, Raiders, Broncos.   :thumbup:   Good news for all 7 Falcon fans.  

So, the Falcons storylines you need to follow are the safeties, and the injury status of Deion and De'Vondre.  The Falcons safety snap counts:  Neal 100%, Allen 100%, Ishmael 84%.   Keanu Neal looks like he's going to be in a position to make tackles for a not great defense for the next several years.  Every week starter at S if I owned him, which I don't, unfortunately.  I'm not sure there's any other gold in the ATL secondary, tho.  Ishamel has 4 quiet games wrapped around a 13 tackle game.  

Phillip Wheeler did what Phillip Wheeler does, play average, and get some tackles.  Played 76%, most of all LBs, and if the rookies are out another week, not a bad last LB to start next week.  The second the kids are back, you can dump him like a high school girlfriend.  

If you picked up LaRoy Reynolds for some reason last week, like someone did in all 3 of my leagues, I dunno if that's gonna work out.  38% of snaps, with Deion and Campbell out, Wheeler and Neal will be the beneficiary, not this guy.  

Here's a good reason why you look at blocks of weeks, and not just one box score:  Three of the top 5 tacklers in this game were Shane Ray, Vic Beasley, and Todd Davis.  

Todd Davis did jump up to 78% of snaps, so that's a little bit of news.  Still, with a defense this good, I can't see him being an every week starter.  

Anyone know what happened to Justin Simmons?  Hurt?  He was getting some nickel snaps, don't think he played, I wonder if that accounted or Davis playing more.  Just a thought.  


Looking at the Lions snap counts hasn't been too interesting.  2nd LB getting most of snaps is Kyle Van Noy, the safety not named Glover Quin is Rafael Bush.......meh.  Just meh, you know?  

Well, there's a little bit of a ripple of something at S, anyways.  Tavon Wilson played 66% of snaps, Rafael Bush was at 34%, and looky here, Miles Killebrew was at 38%.  He didn't do anything, not even a tackle that I saw, but keep an eye out.  This is a deep stash, and it might be a few weeks early.  Tavon Wilson did have 5 tackles, so if you want, you know, a safety that is actually playing and tackling people now, he's the guy.   :lmao:   Thing is, you want to see more than 66% from your starting S.  THere are too many 100% guy out there to be messing around with a part time starter at S.  

By the way, Ezekiel Ansah?  Feel free to get back on the field for all my teams, dammit. 

My name is massraider, and I have Mychael Kendricks on a dynasty roster.  They tell me admitting it is the first step.  At this point, he's just a mascot for my team.  When I am looking to make roster moves, a few weeks ago I was going back and forth on Kendricks.  Now, I don't even consider cutting him.  He's like the squatter I keep meaning to kick out of the garage, but haven't gotten around to it.  Eff it, I'm gonna hang on until the offseaosn, see if he lands somewhere else.

Jordan Hicks and Nigel Bradham both were at matching 79% to lead PHI.  Neither on has been a tackle monster, but Hicks has been a major disappointment this year.  Tulloch only playing 25%, he's an occasional tackle vulture.  

Brandon Graham getting a lot of work, 87%.  Wish I had him.  

Going to stop here, will add rest of games later.  

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Just starting to read this, do it in short spurts at work. Tartt filled in for an injured Bethea last year.



Cory James is fine, wore the Green dot, the plays just went away from him.

Elandon Roberts defintely didn't get his tackles on special teams, he doesn't play special teams.  He played more snaps than Hightower and believe it or not Hightower was not hurt.

Tartt was playing nickel LB.  That will probably continue.  One of Bellore, Wilhoite, or Hodges will play 100 every week with the green dot and the others will split time with Tartt.

Justin Simmons broke his hand a week or two ago, he was out.

Ishmael was the MLB for ATL on Sunday, wore the headset and ran the defense.  Wheeler and Reynolds filled in at WLB while Beasley went Berzerk at SLB

Not just was Todd Davis up near 80%, but with Su'a Cravens out with a concussion, Mason foster back up to 80% and his numbers went up a tick.


5-ish Finkle

Robar said:
Ishmael was the MLB for ATL on Sunday, wore the headset and ran the defense.  Wheeler and Reynolds filled in at WLB while Beasley went Berzerk at SLB

Sooooo....are we thinking that was a one-off, fluke sort of a thing?   

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5-ish Finkle

I guess I was asking how close Jones is to healthy.  He's been out a while now, it seems.   Not sure about the other two.  Just wondering if we could snake another week of Ish getting LB snaps.



Everyone's on point. If Jones comes back, Ish back to the bench, if jones misses again I'd see them playing it the same way



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Norton nailed this as a real possibility on Friday just like he nailed Barron instead of Ayers filling in for tree l last year....

Deon Jones probably would have played nearly every down but he too went out with an ankle injury. Unless one of the walking wounded can make it back Wheeler will likely be a three down guys this week. Hawk may be forced into base package action immediately with the other option being to play number three safety Kemal Ishmael at linebacker. Ishmael should at least see time at linebacker in sub packages."




This was a great game to feature two teams of linebackers I don't care about.  

Casillas 76% and Keenan Robinson 82%.  Casillas had more tackles, but Keenan played more.  Worth looking into if you are a Casillas owner.  Casillas has out-snapped him almost every week this season.  

GB snap numbers:  Perry 75%, Thomas 73%, Ryan 73%, Matthews 50%, Peppers 41%, Martinez 27%, Fackerell 25%.  

Life is too short to try and find any fantasy gold here.  Top 3 tacklers in this game were all Giants.  


There it is:  Sean Spence 77%.  Woodyard 36%.  Spence only played 4 less snaps than Avery Williamson.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was keeping an eye on this one.  Spence had 3 tackes, 3 assists, and Woodyard was shut out of the stat column, according to PFR.  According to PFF, he graded out as TEN's 3rd best defender last week.  Woodyard was on the injury report with an 'illness' so that might be the reason for the drop in snaps.  But did Spence play well enough to keep the job?  This is one to scour the internet for.  If you don't remember Spence, he was a 3rd rounder (I think) of PIT a few years ago, great athlete, and missed two seasons with brutal knee injury.  If Woodyard played less because of the illness, might need to temper expectations.  

Kiko 'Ironman' Alonso racking up tackles.  I own him in one league, and will enjoy the numbers for as long as they last.

In CB-required leagues, Tony Lippett had 8 tackles.  He's interesting.  Seems to have no problem making tackles, and he's getting targeted a ton for a bad team.  That's a nice combo.  


Brian Cushing up to 82%, and McKinney down a tick to 80%.  That sounds about right to me, I think.  Clowney actually led the team in tackles.  

Watt's injury might make this defense middle of the road. 

Minnesota has an amazing defense, and not a single defender you can trust every week.  Amazing.  


Some stuff happening here.  

David Harris left the game with a hammy.  If he's gone for another game, Darron Lee (76%) is probably locked in as a fatnasy starter, and heck, maybe Erin Henderson (75%) is as well.  Harris played 31 smaps beore he left, so about half the game.  

Hey, maybe that's good for Calvin Pryor as well, right?  I mean he had 5 tackles, and now Harris might be out.  Sounds good, right?  Well, no.  Pryor (59%) split time with Rontez Miles (41%), and Miles actually had 6 tackles.  Hmmmmm.  Keep Miles on your radar.  I watched the game one screen while watching Red Zone, and Miles sniffed out a fake FG, made a nice tackle.  Pryor got some bad press afatter the SEA game, and he might be in the doghouse.

Vince Williams with 8 more tackles as Shazier is out.  88%.


Malcolm Smith has a bad hammy, and could have played, but Perry Riley played well enough off the street to keep Smith on the sideline.  Riley also stole all of Cory James tackle opportunities.   :rant:

James still played 98% of snaps, and KC comes to town this week.  Considering their penchant for running the ball, and Alex Smithts inability to throw the ball further than 15 yards, James owners should be optimistic this week.  Heck, if Smith is out another week, Riley might be a sneaky start.  

All Jatavius Brown this week, as he got his 90%.  Korey Toomer at 69%, after being signed off Raider PS a few weeks ago.  

Joey Bosa played his first game, and had two sacks.  He's a LB in most hosting sites, no?  Anyway, if he's a DE, worth a look.  Had two sacks, but tap the brakes, both were vs. a 4th string OT, and both came when Carr held ball too long.  I'm not a hater, tho, I think Bosa is the goods.  


I saw nothing interesting in snap counts here, didn't see a second of the game, and barely remember that the Bills won.  Ronald Darby is still a great fantasy corner, Lorenzo Alexander is getting a bunch of tackles, and used to be a special teams guy for my Raiders.  I got nothing else.  


CJ Mosley was injured, and missed rest of the game, I believe.  I think he was injured after that pick, when he was trying to score, and wound up fumbling the ball out of the end zone.  That was dumb, and BAL lost by 6. Whoops.  

Duke Ihenacho started at SS, and had 8 tackles.  If he can hold off Whitner, he's worth a look.  Call it a coin flip if he can hold off Whitner, both of these guys are flawed players.  

Su'a Cravens had a concussion, and made some news by saying he had to wear glasses for the rest of his life because of his concussions, I think?  Anyway, he can probably be cut in redraft.  I'#m holding in dynasty.  

Compton (100%) and Foster(80%) both played a ton, and along with Ihenacho had all the Skins tackles.  

Ladarius Webb led the Ravens in tackles, so umm, yeah.  


Shaq Thompson (58%), Thomas Davis (49%), owing to Davis' injury status.  Thompson is the heir apparent, obvi.  

Tampa had Bradley McDougald and Chris Cone both play 100% at S, and McDougald had 6 tackles, Conte 3.  

Is Lavonte David still a fantasy starter?  What the heck?

So, that's it.  Taking a look at Jaquiski Tartt, Rontez Miles, Perry Riley, Sean Spence.  



Regarding Tartt on Twitter:

Tartt: He was a full participant with a knee injury last week, and played on Thursday. He got banged up, with Chip Kelly saying he was going through an MRI on Friday. He will be a name to watch on the injury report this week.
Did not practice today, was on side field.  Might hang offon picking him up for a week if he doesn't play.  



Anyone know what happened to Justin Simmons?  Hurt?  He was getting some nickel snaps, don't think he played, I wonder if that accounted or Davis playing more.  Just a thought.  
broke his hand a few weeks ago. will probably slide right back into nickle/dime subpackages when he comes back. he's a great fit for what they like to do in subpackages



"CIN snap counts are interesting:  Maualuga 81%, Burfict 77%, Dansby 68%, Rey 23%.  Vincent Rey being useful seems like a long time ago.  I do not expect Maualuga's snap counts to stay that high.  If you were considering picking him up, punch yourself in the face, and we will never speak of it again"

Then who takes his spot in the middle?



"CIN snap counts are interesting:  Maualuga 81%, Burfict 77%, Dansby 68%, Rey 23%.  Vincent Rey being useful seems like a long time ago.  I do not expect Maualuga's snap counts to stay that high.  If you were considering picking him up, punch yourself in the face, and we will never speak of it again"

Then who takes his spot in the middle?
He may keep his spot in the middle.  

But he has proven over the years that he's not a tackle monster, and gets pulled in passing downs.  He is playing with two LBs that have, for years, put up numbers in Burfict and Dansby.  



5-ish Finkle said:
As long as Danielle Hunter keeps getting a sack every game he makes my Circle of Trust.
He is an absolute stud as he is doing this on limited snaps.  I don't know why they keep rolling out Robison ahead of him.  I am stacked at DL so I am waiting for his snap count to go up before putting him in but had to due to bye's in week 4 and of course that was the one game he didn't put up a sack.  I love his long term outlook and would do what I could to get him in any dynasty league.



Thanks, man.  Starting to feel like a job, but I love the exercise of it.

I encourage anyone to open the snap counts on PFR, and keep Twitter open in another tab.  Look at the games, and searching for names on Twitter is really helpful.  I ain't doing anything special here.  
I disagree.  I've been lurking on this thread from it's inception, and I can't tell you how much better my IDP awareness is as a result.  The thread is GOLD - to the point that I really hope the other guys in my league stay far, far away from it.

If you were just copying stats from PFR and making a chart, then I'd agree - nothing special.  It's the analysis (and awesome formatting of), the readability/humor, and the brevity that make these weekly breakdowns invaluable - at least to me.  It's kinda shocking that you haven't been wooed by a site to make this a featured weekly thing.  

For now, though - I'll just hope it keeps flying under radar for as long as possible because I'm a greedy *******.    :lmao:

Thanks for the edge, MR.

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I disagree.  I've been lurking on this thread from it's inception, and I can't tell you how much better my IDP awareness is as a result.  The thread is GOLD - to the point that I really hope the other guys in my league stay far, far away from it.

If you were just copying stats from PFR and making a chart, then I'd agree - nothing special.  It's the analysis (and awesome formatting of), the readability/humor, and the brevity that make these weekly breakdowns invaluable - at least to me.  It's kinda shocking that you haven't been wooed by a site to make this a featured weekly thing.  

For now, though - I'll just hope it keeps flying under radar for as long as possible because I'm a greedy *******.    :lmao:

Thanks for the edge, MR.

Concur completely. This thread has been totally invaluable, keep up the good work......I visit this thread several times per day  :thumbup:



Absolutely top quality work here!  Reading massraider's notes is like getting a sneak peak at Norton two days early.

Props to you, keep it comin!



Week 6:


You either own Jatavius Brown, or you don't.  Man.  Meantime, Korey Toomer played 44% to Perryman's 32%.  Just so we are clear, Toomer didn't make final roster or OAK, a team without much LB depth, and would have had to mke it on ST.  He gets signed off their PS by the Chargers, and proceeds to outsnap Perryman, and gets 4 tackles last week.  If he gets about 60%, he might be worth a roster spot, right now he's on the watch list.  Perryman is a mystery to me, and I wonder if he isn't droppable, even in dynasty.  

Both SD corners, Mager and Hayward, are in play in CB-required leagues, IMO.  Both will get targeted, and there is only Jatavius in from of them that is a tackle monster.  The ATL game this week might be a great week to stream one or the other.  

So here's a fun nugget of info that might be useful for IDP owners.  ATL and SD both beat DEN using the same philosophy on offense:  Playing in base or two TE sets, keeping DEN's nickel subpackage off the field, and attacking the middle.  Bradley Roby has played 19 and 22 snaps the last two weeks.  Who's numbers have gone up?  TJ Ward and Todd Davis, the two weak links in coverage on the base defense.  If the DEN opponent has two TEs they like, and backs they throw to, both guys seem like good starts, at last until DEN comes up with a way to counter this new offensive trend.  If Davis is onthe wire, grab him.  


7 of the top 8 tacklers in this game were 49ers, that's amazing.  

A dream matchup for SF defenders.  BUF ran the ball all over them, and had the ball all day long.  Remember that when they play TB next week, especially if Martin isn't playing.  I read elsewhere that people are wondering about Hodges taking over, as Bellore and Wilhoite have not been playing great.  Well, Hodges played 4 plays this week, and Shayne Skov 0, so I'm not going to worry until I read something.  in the meantime, both LBs are in play for the forseeable future.  But keep an eye on SF media for changes.  

Buckner and Armstead are playing a ton as well, not bad starters at DE.

Quiet game for Zach Brown, but there simply weren't a lot of chances.  Preston Brown and Corey Graham led team in tackles.  

Jaquiski Tartt was inactive after being limited all week.  


Chicago had the ball more than BUF did vs. SF, believe it or not.  

Bortles isn't playing well, JAX cannot move the ball, so it's a good time to be a Posluzny/Telvin owner.  But they seem like they are taking ALL the tackles.  

A cornerback led CHI in tackles.  

Miles Jack and Dan Skuta both messing around at about 15% of snaps.  Need some insight as to what's happening with Jack.  

Jones-Quartey looks to be out of the doghouse, and he and Amos both played 95%+.  

However, as I said last week, with the play of Hoyer and Jordan, I am less thrilled with CHI defenders as a whole than I was before.  Freeman is a great play, and Trevathan should be, but beyond that.....


Hey, LA's defense--not good.  Lot of nice names, and it's not happening.  Trumaine Johonson was out, but still.  

In CB-required leagues, LaMarcus Joyner.  More tackles this year, and he's playing slot corner.  Amazing.  Check his numbers.  

TJ McDonald has had a not great year, and one tackle in this game.  Buh bye. 

Here's a weird thing I noticed:  DET scorers gave the Rams 15 assists, and 7 to the Lions.  Whitehead led Lions with two assists, and 4 different Rams had at least that many.  

Ziggy Ansah returned, played 55%.  I'm in no rush to start him until he's at 70%+.  


So, when you look at snap counts after a while, you are used to seeing certain things.  For example, when snap counts are close to 50, you know the D wasn't on the field a lot.  Closer to 70, and they were on the field a ton.  Another is that when you click the % tab on the PFR snap counts, you see the same positions at the top.  The top LB or two, and the 4 defensive backfield starters are normally at the top.  Two safeties, two corners, and the top LB.  Then you expect to see the #2 LB, and the nickel corner.  And so on.  

So when you see a DT with higher snap counts than any of the ILB or the Packers, you notice.  Packers are using LB by committee, and until this week, the results vs. the run were fine.  #1 rushing D and all that.  They also faced no rushing attacks worth mentioning, and Zeke Elliott had no problems on Sunday.  Nick Perry led the LBs in snaps with 75%.  Blake Martinez is a dynasty hold, but you can't start him this year.  Burnett and Clinton-Dix are both putting up numbers for the Pack.

By the same token, 3 safeties and two defensive tackles played more snaps than any LB not named Sean Lee.  Durant was next after Lee's 100% with 43%.  

Anthony Brown at CB getting a lot of work for DAL in this game, 9 tackles and 3 assists.  

Tyrone Crawford is a disappointment to me, playing a ton, and getting less stats than other DTs that are playing less.


Lot of plays in this game (OT) over 70 plays for each defense. 

HOU started Corey Moore and Andre Hal at S this week, both played 100% of snaps, and some ST, and both managed 2 tackles.  Going to stay away for now.  

Josh McNary started next to D'Qwell, played 49%, and Antonio Morrison was demoted, played only ST, and had 1 defensive snap.  McNary still isn't playing enough to start, but if his percentage goes up, even more, he might be a good desperation play down the road.  

Colts played 3 safeties over 50% of the time, with TJ Green healthy, and Mike Adams and Clayton Geathers are both steady starters at S.  

McKinney is a 3 down MLB, who also gets sacks.  Love him.  

Brian Cushing, up to 76%, and had 4 tackles, and 4 assists.  We might have two solid LB startes here.  He's not available in my leagues, but could be in others.

Texans were also in base a lot, as the Colts used two TEs a good amount.  Might not be the case all the time.  


That's why they play the games, you never know.  Sure seemed like a juicy matchup for Kiko Alonso and company.  Instead, Big Ben gets hurt, PIT's defense is on the field the whole time, and MIA only plays 53 defensive snaps. 

Tyler Matakevich had 6 tackles to lead the game, but played 18 snaps.  Don't get caught swinging at this pitch in the dirt.

Jelani Jenkins 67%.

Mario Williams was benched for Andre Branch, and only played 24 snaps.  Mario admitted to not giving enough effort, everyone in Buffalo laughs and nods.  

The big story is Reshad Jones.  Probably done for the year with a shoulder injury, and was the best IDP player on MIA.  So, who sucks up all his tackles?

Michael Thomas seems to be the logical favorite.  Seems worth a waiver add.  Seems more likely that the rest of the team will absorb the rest of the tackles, and might see some better numbers from Isa Abdul-Quddus.  Thomas is a ST demon, and also played well as a starting S last year before a season ending pec injury.  There's a lot to like here.  I do NOT expect the Dolphins to play this well again, maybe for the rest of the year, so there will be some opportunity here for him.  

Javon Hargrave getting 69% at DT.  

Everyone's man-crush Vince Williams was down to 70%, was there an injury, anyone?

Cam Wake up to 75%, might be startable at DE.  


Von Bell at 95% at S.  

Saints stat crew handed out 4 tackles and 8 assists to Craig Robertson and 2 tackles and 6 assists to Kenny Vaccaro.  Weird/annoying.  

All three Panthers LB played all game, and Shaq Thompson had 6 solos.  This might be a case of CAR putting their best players out there, no matter what position, because the top CAR CBs only played 70/70/56%.  

Nathan Stupar at 82%.  He had 3 tackles, 3 assists, and a FF.  Any LB getting 80% for the Saints needs to at least be looked at.  

Stephone Anthony.  4 snaps.  Bustarooney.


Dont'a Hightower got the big statistical jump with Collins out, and young LB Elandon Roberts played 74%.  Patriot scorers doing some magic here, check this out:  Hoightower--3 solos, 10 assists.  Roberts--1 solo, 7 assists.  This is good to track, if you are expecting 8 tackles from Roberts every week, better make sure the scorer is a Pats homer, because I don't think they getting those type of assist numbers on the road.  Like I need another reason to hate my hometown team.  Freaking MassWholes padding the stats of these LBs.   :yucky:

Josh Shaw led the game in tackles, slot corners a good start vs. Pats?  You wouldn't think so, with Pats two TE set, but he played 85%.

Cincy LBs are Burfict and everyone else.  Rey and Rey are forgotten men, next best LB was Dansby (59%). Nick Vigil played a few snaps, it is easy to imagine Dansby and Maualuga gone next year, so stash him where you can in dynasty.  

Duron Harmon played 72% as  3rd safety, that's a big jump in snaps.  Keep an eye on him.  


So Casillas had the tackles but was outsnapped by Keenan Robinson (73% to 67%) and in looking for a Casillas injury, it seems like it was actually Robinson who was banged up, so he might have gotten even more snaps.  This is worth watching.   

Devon Kennard had 5 tackles, but on only 39%.  Don't get excited.

Baltimore continures to be the Zach Orr show.  Albert McClellan filled in admirably for Mosely (74% and 7 tackles).  If Mosely is out a while, not a bad pickup.

Tim Jernigan outsnapps Brandon Williams at DT, but Williams outplayed him in the box score.


Wesley Woodyard still started, but was outsnapped by Sean Spence (61% to 39%) and Spence had 4 tackles and a sack.  Spence should be on everyone's watch list.

Weird stuff happening with TItans S rotation:  Byard 64%, Stafford 58%, Johnson 51%, Searcy 45%.  Mess to be avoided util it sorts itself.  

Kirksey only had 2-3 tackle line, but still playing 100% of snaps.  No reason for panic.  Demario had 5-2 line (94%).

Cleveland safeties are useless, the CBs are getting more tackles.  


Raiders have a LB rotation of James/Smith/Riley this game, but Cory James led with 83% and had 6 solos 1 assist, so last week's panic should be in the mirror. Smith coming back from injury, I expect his snaps to go up, and Riley's to go down even further from his 48%.  

KC linebacker next to Derrick Johnson is a mess to be avoided.  Zombo/March combo not helping anyone.  

Karl Joseph is an every week starter  Good tackle fllor, and big play potential.  He's clearly a fine player.  


Seattle had some injuries, Chancellor out, and Bennett got hurt, and Frank Clark inactive.  

Kelcie McCray started at SS for Chancellor (100%).

DeShawn Shead is a tackle vacuum, I love him, it's like having a S play CB.  

ATL safeties Ishmael and Neal are scoring a lot of tackles, but Deion Jones and De'Vondre Campbell both returned in this game, and got their feet wet (39% and 32%).  Their ull time return in imminent.  

No ATL D-lineman is playing more than 58%, they are rotating several guys, and you cannot argue with the results.


Donte Whitner is your WAS SS (77%), hope you didn't spend a lot on Duke Iheanacho. 

Compton 92% and Foster 87%, but quiet box score for most WAS players, spread around this week.

Bradham and Hicks both at 100% this week for PHI, they should see some good tackle chances the rest of the season.  


Calvin Pryor at 84%, and had 5 tackles, responing well, it seems, to his demotion last week.  I might be hopping back on this train.

Darron Lee only 52%.  Was he banged up?  

Erin Henderson played 69%, had a nice stat line.  

But missing David Harris was apparent on the two goalline TDs by D. Jonhson, when he was untouched going up the gut.  

Regarding the Tony Jefferson and DJ Swearinger question:  If Honey Badger is the slot corner, and he is, then who is playing deep safety?  I assume Jefferson, which is good for Swearinger, and bad for Jefferson.  Or is this only a one week anomaly?  

That's it for now, fellas.



Week 6:


Everyone's man-crush Vince Williams was down to 70%, was there an injury, anyone?


Darron Lee only 52%.  Was he banged up?  
Yes, both of these guys left with leg injuries.  Lee's looked like he might have a high ankle sprain but I haven't seen any word yet.  I have also not seen anything further on Williams either.



Williams was heat related cramps. The whole Steelers D was gasping by the middle of the 2Q. 2nd half the nightmare only got worse. Looks for changes here as Tomlin was fuming after the game. Not sure what they can do but as a Steelers fan i can tell you getting run on is not something we are accustomed to seeing and I bet will change soon. 


Flying Elvis

That slot matchup for IDP's facing NE could be gold. Definitely worth watching how teams tend to handle the 2 TE threat of the pats. 

If you're so inclined, could you keep an eye on DET DL Kerry Hyder #61 next week and/or going forward? I have him in a DT required league and he's been gold but he's listed as DT on MFL despite being DE on the Lions website. I thought he was filling in for Ziggy but I don't see any Lions games. Curious if he's bench/waiver fodder based on Ansah's snaps or if he's actually seeing regular/rotational action.

EDIT: Want to add my .02 on Justin March - we know leg injuries tend to take a long time. Obviously, he's not worth holding in any short roster format but seems like a solid dynasty stash as a guy that could round into form for 2017. 

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Heads up on TEN safeties.  


Basically, the Titans have 4 safeties they like, and are rotating them.  Avoiding the situation, dropping my Daimion Stafford lottery tix in the waste bin.  
I know since the onset of camp and preseason they have been wanting to get Byard into the lineup. Pushing him past long term vets like Searcy and Johnson isn't probably the easiest thing to do from a players/team perspective. Having a rotation to offset the coming long-term change (imo) makes a lot of sense.



Found this kicking around Twitter.


SF planning on rotating the ILB group, incorporating Hodges.  Not great news for Bellore and Wilhoite.  Probably best to bench until we see how rotation works out.  

FWIW, I have a 5th LB starter that I have rotated among several less-than-ideal people (Ben Heeney?!?).  It was Wilhoite most recently, and will be Sean Spence or Albert McClellen this week.  

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Darron Lee not playing this week, but David Harris is back.  So I dunno if Erin Henderson is in play this week.  This will push me to start Pryor this week, tho.  

Deion Jones and De'Vondre Campbell not listed on injury report, looks like they back vs. SD this week.

Vontaze Burfict was injured in practice, not sure if he plays full complement of plays.  I bet he does, he's a tough dude.  

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Legalize Stickum

Thank for the tip on the SF LBs. I'll be benching Bellore and watching Hodges who I thought should be in there the whole time. Be careful with Pryor this week. Bowles suggested there may be some changes on defense this week and some speculate one change might be Miles for Pryor. Pryor played a relatively healthy 84% of the defensive snaps in week 6, but only 59% in week 5 with Miles grabbing 41%. Just sayin'. Also, Henderson seems like a bit of an enigma. With both Harris and Lee out last week, Henderson actually played fewer snaps in week 6 (69%) than in week 5 (76%). Bruce Carter played more in week 6 than Henderson - what? Looking at McClellen myself to fill in for Bellore. May even take a chance on Shane Ray or Marcus Golden. They all seem to be playing about the same number of snaps.



With Henderson now on NFI and bruce Carter starting next to Harris I think it's very likely if they choose to roll with Miles at SS then Pryor will play nickel LB for carter. Worth watching.

Also as Norton pointed out, CB Howard played FS when Poyer went out last week. He was a safety at the U so getting to use him in cb required leagues could be nice. Weird, cb Howard plays safety and S Boddy-calhoun plays cb...



Thank for the tip on the SF LBs. I'll be benching Bellore and watching Hodges who I thought should be in there the whole time.
I own both Hodges (who I agree should have been in anyway) and Bellore. Looks like we have both ILB starters now in SF with Wilhoite down to <20% and Skov at 0% of snaps. I think this is a good situation for us.



Week 7


Packers defenders on the field foir 48 snaps, and Bear defenders for 87.  I think that's as lopsided a snap discrepancy as I have seen this year.  What a great night to start any Bears defenders for cheapo tackles 5 yards down the field.  THe top SIX tacklers in this game were Bears.  

Danny Trevathan had 6 tackles, on 70 snaps.  Meh.  Meh to his whole year, really.  

From the Packers perspective, my only real comment is I liked what I saw from Blake Martinez. He was up to 80% of snaps, and looked pretty vocal and confident in the game, morseo than I have seen before.  Now, bravado and confidence doesn't mean you can play, but I am not unhappy seeing it from young LBs.  Just mentioning it.  

Hey, hope you all started De'Vante Busby and Cre'Von LeBlanc this week!!   :lmao:

Just for fun one week, I am going to start only defensive players that have an apostrophe in their name.  


Didn't watch one second of this game, anyone has insights, please, please share them.  I am not waking up at 9 a.m. on Sunday to watch these two teams. There's a reason this game was exported.

Giants had a lot more tackle chances this week, Rams were outsnapped 78-56.  

Keenan Robinson outsnapped Casillas, and this time it showed up in the box score.  7 tackles to 3.  Four weeks ago, Casillas was only LB to own, is that not true anymore?  We've talked about these two for a few weeks, I may be trading in my Wilhoite for a Robinson this week.  Owning a Giants LB, I must be desperate!

Landon Collins with some lucky tips for the picks, but he deserves them, having a big year.  

Yo, Snacks Harrison putting up some DT numbers.  Good year for him.  


TEN has two storylines here worth noting:

Wesley Woodyard outsnapped Sean Spence 50-27, which is a reversal of last few weeks.  Spence still had more tackles, but it's a disturbing trend for my little sleeper.  IND ran two TE's on about 50% of the offensive snaps, so this might be a a case of situation dictating LBs who can stand up to the run and the TEs.  

Avery Williamson at 83%, and he can be counted on.  

What I am more worried about in regards to Spence's outlook might be, now that I amy typing this and thinking about it, is the other storyline:  TEN safety snap counts.  This week's update:  Rashad Johnson 64%, Stafford 62%, Searcy 51%, Byard 39%.  Bear this in mind:  8 defenders played more snaps than any of these safeties.  That is unheard of.  I am wondering if Spence might lose some nickel/dime snaps to this group of safeties.  This reminds me of the AZ safety situation a few years ago with this same Rashad Johnson, Honey Badger, Jefferson, and Deone.  Of the four, Rashad is most likely the S to get the most snaps, but also the S furthest from the ball.  

My thought on the TEN safeties is to avoid it altogether, and maybe stash one before the season ends on a dynasty team, hoping the situation clears up in the offseason.  That's when I start looking at contracts and PFF grades, and I ain't doing that right now.  


No CLE safety is worth owning, I've paid enough attention to it, and will only say that Kindred 54%, and Campbell 44%.  

CLE is giving us two 3-down LB at least, in Kirksey and Demario.  

Burfict and Dansby both played a lot, and are the two best CIN LBs, but Rey and Rey siphon off just enough plays to annoy, and hurt the other LBs stats.  

Good game by Ogbah, led the Browns in tackles (whoa).  


Eagles on the field more 76-58.  Returned kickoffs are good to help skew numbers like that.  

Little action happening on Eagles D.  Bradham/Hicks/McLeod are the guys getting the snaps/action.  He who shall not be named had 32%, but did get 3 tackles.

Meantime, the GOOD Kendricks brother played 100%, and had 8 tackles.  

Story from this game was the loss of Andrew Sendejo, and the subsequent 90% of snaps that Jayron Kearse saw.  Kearse was a 7th round pick, a S from Clemson.  He can run, but is one of those guys that was hyped early in his final season, and by the draft, people were wondering if he wasn't the least talented Clemson DB.  Check Sendejo's injury status, but even if he's gone for a while, I dunno if I like a rookie S to join this defense, and start racking up tackles.  


I keep thinking there is going to be some value in these PIT safeties, and I just am waiting for one to reveal himself.  Pretty sure I am going to stop thinking that soon, and stop paying attention. 

Lawrence TImmons returned to his 95%, and Vince Williams took his sick tackle numbers to the bench.  Now, that's bad news for those that scooped Williams off the waiver wire, but in dynasty, there's an oppotunity here.  The move here in I am making, is to wait a week or two, and see if Williams is cut, and scoop him up, or even try and acquire him in a trade.  Looking ahead to next year is always risky, but Williams sure looks like a 3 down 2017 LB, and if the current owner doesn't know it, and doesn't know TImmons might easily be moving on this year, time to put in a lowball offer.  

Hightower and Collins dominated snap counts for LBs, as usual.  

Duron Harmon at 71%, continuing the 3-safety look noticed earlier this season.  He's not putting up any stats as such, but more snaps for him means less for Elandon Roberts.  

Will post the rest later, traveling today.  




First the news:  Van Noy was traded to the Pats for couple magic beans today, and the timing makes me wonder if Levy is close to being back.  Is there another LB going to get some 3 down sanps in the meantime?  Well, if Levy is coming back this year, and with those active safeties, I don't know if I care.  I might look up Antwoine Williams, as he appears to be the only LB left, but I don't see a payoff.  

Donte Whitner at 100%, which we saw coming.  He's only 31 year old, I felt like he was older.  I'm a fan of moving this guy into starting lineups.  We KNOW he's not a centerfielder, so he'll always be near the scrum.  

Mason Foster does a Mason Foster impression in this game, with 75%, and 2 tackles  You could copy and paste that usage and output, and pretty much nail it every week.

The two top tacklers in the game were Whitehead and Compton, as it should be.  

Lions other S spot is a mess.  Tavon Wilson and Rafael Bush splitting snaps.  Nothing to see here.  Killebrew got 10 snaps.  


Raiders announced that Perry Riley would be starting, right before the game, screwing over the Cory James owners who weren't paying real close attention to Twitter on Sunday.  Personally, what I found annoying was that I saw two different Raider writers tweet the news, and then make a comment like, ''as expected''.  I cannot stand when writers drop surprises on Twitter,and then insinuate that they knew this all along.  If you follow the news guys, this is a thing, and they do it when they've been scooped.  

My thoughts on Perry Riley?  Well, if this Raider 3 down LB ride isn't fun anymore, and you want to get off, I'm with you. I think that Perry Riley represents Malcolm Smith's value to Oakland, in terms of reliability.  Smith has never been a playmaker, he's a workmanlike OLB, who generally did his job, and rarely blows assignments.  Raider defensive drices have been consistent this year.  Holding up for a few plays, then a blown assignment leads to a massive gain.  They plan on getting in the playoffs, and need as few players on the field making mistakes as possible.  There's a lot of youth in the front 7, and Riley holds up against the run better than James.  

In games where the D is on the field a ton, and facing strong rushing games, I could see RIley having some tackles.  But he lacks sindeline to sideline playmaking that James had.  

Myles Jack played 8 snaps.  What's going on with this guy?

Is Mario Edwards free in your leagues?  MIght be time to pick him up, he's back soon-ish.  I believe he'll play a TON as soon as he's able.  


So, Daniel Sorenson is a free agent in all my leagues, and that will not be true in a few hours.  Was only at 58%, but his tackle numbers have gone up steadily since week 2.  I hereby curse Daniel Sorenson with my interest.  

Zombo and Ramik messed around with some snaps, but Sorenson is their subpackage LB.  Man, remember when Ramik was a thing?

Umm, Nathan Stupar played 100%.  He also led the team with 8 combined tackles.  Need to check on him, maybe make a move.  Any Saints LB getting 100% is a thing.  

Saints also played 3 safeties a lot, as Bell and Vaccarro had 100%, and Byrd had 87%.  

Nothing else unusal in this one as far as I can see.  


Michael Thomas only had 2 tackles and an assist, but was the only MIA defender to play 100%, how about that?  MIA has signed Baccarri Rambo off the street.  Hall of Fame name, average game.  I'm not worried about him.  I am going to hang on to Thomas a bit longer.

Andre Branch at 79% at DE.  I always thought he flashed in JAX, so worth keeping an eye on.  

Lorenzo Alexander, your NFL sack leader.  

Bills safety Aaron Williams got taken out by a Jarvis Landry block, and was hospitalized.  He was replaced by Robert Blanton, former MIN SS that's had some moments.  


You are welcome to this Jets mess at LB, with Lee and Henderson out.  Bunch of guys got a few snaps.  

Albert McClellan did get the Mosely snaps, so that was expected, had 2 solos and 5 assists.  

Leo Williams played 98% with Mo out.  Dang.  Don't see that a lot for a big man.  


I took ATL in a survivor pool, so screw them for blowing a lead so big I stopped paying attention.

Campbell and Jones at 100%, feel free to insert back into lineups.  

ATL safety counts:  Allen 100%.  Neal 100%.  Ishmael 1%.  Holy ####.  

What the hell, Jatavius Brown? I thought you were gonna have 8 tackles every game.  So sad.  Like finding out there's no Santa.  (Still had 100%.  

Denzel Perryman!  We have a Denzel sighting.  Still only played 54%, but he mentioned he has been suffering through a shoulder injury.  I am now actively looking to trade for him in leagues.  I had no idea he was injured Oct 2nd, so what do I know.

Korey Toomer, was at 44%, might be phased out or Perryman rest of the way.  


SF LB aren't much more fun than OAK.  Gerald Hodges started next to Bellore, and this looks like your starters for this week as well.  

Chris Conte at 99% for TB, that's your SS.

Lavonte David had a decent game, but it looks like LB2 is what he is now.  

  Noah Spence at 60%.


In a 6-6 overtime tie, the Seahawks played 95 danged snaps!  Whoa.  

Wagner: 12 tackles.  Wright: 10 tackles.  Shead: 8 tackles.  Lane: 6 tackles.  Rubing: 6 tackles.  

All three AZ S played at least 86%.  Rank them: Jefferson-Swearinger-Mathieu.

Avril:  81%, Clark 58%.  Four sacks combined. I own both, and start both in different leagues.  


Brandley Roby played 56%, and the Broncos smoked Houston.  Guess the Texans didn't get the memo on keeping the DEN D in base defense.  

Broncos LBs, this is weird:  Marshall 70%, Davis 64%.  What's going on here?  Will investigate.  

Check out some HOU LB usage:

McKinney 91%

Simon 89%

Cushing 78%

What's going on with that??  




You are welcome to this Jets mess at LB, with Lee and Henderson out.  Bunch of guys got a few snaps.  

Albert McClellan did get the Mosely snaps, so that was expected, had 2 solos and 5 assists.  

Leo Williams played 98% with Mo out.  Dang.  Don't see that a lot for a big man.  
In regards to Baltimore; rookie OLB Matt Judon needs to be considered by any big play league teams. Especially long term.

Suggs and Dumervil may be limited for much of the remaining season and careers.  Judon had 20 sacks his final college season (Grand Valley) and is the heir apparent to pass rushing for the Ravens. He had a sack in each of his first 3 preseason games. And this game he had 2 sacks while playing only 46% of the snaps. He played 48% the week before and managed 1+3 tackles. ZSmith and McLellan are listed above him at OLB, but that should be only temporary.


Flying Elvis

Great work --- again. So thanks --- again! 

Is Simon playing ILB with any of that 89% or is he strictly OLB? He's officially listed as "Jack" which . . . honestly means nothing to me. lol... I'm curious if he has future value (Cushing is crazy expensive over the next few years of his contract) or if he is actually the "try-hard special teamer" as described by rotoworld.

Interesting note on IND running 2 TE sets. Is that something they run regularly and what impact should we expect on Sorenson's snaps this week? Will he be out there for nickel LB sub-package vs. 2 TE sets? Doesn't seem likely and could make Sorenson fools gold this week. Also, please let us know if you get him in your waivers so we know if he should be dropped once he gets the curse. :D


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