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2022-2023 NBA Salary Cap Draft - First Annual Battle for the Wikkid Cup (1 Viewer)

We’ll probably see more of these types of “Games played” with the new requirements for post-season awards this year. I’m sure the gamblers will love those.
I think they gotta play at least 20 minutes in a game for it to count
Yeah if the nba is going to have some minimum thresholds for awards, I think it should be based on minutes rather than games. Also, the scoring/reb/etc leader should be based on the total points, not per game numbers if they want stars to play more.
Team Yo Mama

I was really happy with how my team turned out in our inaugural salary cap league. I was one of the few teams that was able to get both top-level talent as well as really strong depth. If we were doing the sim league, I’d be in great shape with the amount of minutes my players played in the season – with plenty to spare. My team is deep, balanced, and filled with great two-way players who played significant minutes during the season. My starters are as strong of a five-man unit as any other team out there. My bench is filled with playmakers and excellent role players who exceeded expectations in 2022-2023.

PG - Jalen Brunson $28M - 68 games 2379 min - 24p/4r/6a - 1s/0b with 2 made threes
SG/SF - Anthony Edwards $11M - 79 games 2842 min - 25p/6r/4a - 2s/1b with 3 made threes
SF/SG - Jaylen Brown $29M - 67 games 2405 min - 27p/7r/3a - 1s/0b with 2 made threes
PF - Scottie Barnes $8M - 77 games 2678 min - 15p/7r/5a - 1s/1b with 1 made threes
C - Anthony Davis $38M - 56 games 1904 min - 26p/13r/3a - 1s/2b with 0 made threes

On offense, all five players are playmakers who can create shots for themselves or their teammates. They all play with other stars, so shouldn’t have any problems sharing the ball. This will be an offense with high movement and activity, with all players providing great spacing with their shooting (Davis fortunately stopped shooting 3s this year but was still solid in the mid-range). Defensively, this is a very active unit with multiple ball-stoppers with switchability on the perimeter, with Davis providing elite rim protection on the interior. Davis got dinged in the end of year awards, but he played at an all-nba level and played more minutes than guys like JJJ.

Main Bench Rotation
SF/PF - Franz Wagner $5M - 80 games 2609 min - 19p/4r/4a - 1s/0b with 2 made threes
PG - Tre Jones $2M - 68 games 1984 min - 13p/4r/7a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes
C - Zach Collins $7M - 63 games 1441 min - 12p/6r/3a - 1s/1b with 1 made threes
SF/SG - Royce O'Neale $9M - 76 games 2409 min - 9p/5r/4a - 1s/1b with 2 made threes

My bench has it all - scoring/playmaking/shooting/defense at all positions, fits in seamlessly with my starters, and is the deepest and most productive in league.

Other Key Contributors
SG - Jaylen Nowell $2M - 65 games 1252 min - 11p/3r/2a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes
PG - Jose Alvarado $2M - 61 games 1310 min - 9p/2r/3a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes
SF - Troy Brown $2M - 76 games 1860 min - 7p/4r/1a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes

Tons of minutes and production. They were asked to do more for their nba teams than I will need them for.

Deep Bench
C - Isaiah Jackson $3M - 63 games 1042 min - 7p/4r/1a - 0s/1b with 0 made threes
PF - Aleksej Pokusevski $3M - 34 games 701 min - 8p/5r/2a - 1s/1b with 1 made threes

Solid per minute contributors limited by either injuries/tanking or stupid Carlisle.

Did Not Play – Yo Mama’s Decision
SF - Juan Toscano-Anderson $2M - 52 games 700 min - 3p/2r/1a - 0s/0b with 0 made threes
Team Dunfee
My team came together just about how I’d hoped. As the Fantrax rankings showed, this team has high-level contributors across the whole roster who racked up minutes and stats over the whole season. Can score inside and out while providing a defense that can pressure the ball (4th in steals) and protect the rim (2nd in blocks). The top 4 starters are locked in with Vassell and Collins being the main options for the 5th spot depending on the matchups. A deep and versatile bench that can mix and match to play any style of game that is needed.

PG - Darius Garland $8.9M - 69 games, 2447 min - 22p/3r/8a - 1s/0b with 2 made threes - 18.8 PER, 46/41/86 shooting for 59 TS%
SG - Devin Vassell $4.4M - 38 games, 1178 min - 19p/4r/4a - 1s/0b with 3 made threes - 15.5 PER, 44/39/78 shooting for 55 TS%
SF - OG Anunoby $17.4M - 67 games, 2386 min - 17p/5r/2a - 2s/1b with 2 made threes - 14.6 PER, 48/39/84 shooting for 59 TS%
PF - Jayson Tatum $30.4M - 74 games, 2732 min - 30p/9r/5a - 1s/1b with 3 made threes - 23.7 PER, 47/35/85 shooting for 61 TS%
C - Myles Turner $18M - 62 games, 1825 min - 18p/8r/1a - 1s/2b with 2 made threes - 20 PER, 55/37/78 shooting for 65 TS%

On offense, great shooting surrounding two elite playmakers should be unstoppable against most opponents. Defensively, OG can shut down anyone’s main option with the other guys playing within the scheme to funnel guys to Turner’s great rim-protection.

Main Bench Rotation
PF - John Collins $23.5M - dunfee - 71 games, 2130 min - 13p/7r/1a - 1s/1b with 1 made threes - 13.6 PER, 51/29/80 shooting for 59 TS%
SG - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope $14M - 76 games, 2381 min - 11p/3r/2a - 1s/0b with 2 made threes - 11.5 PER, 46/42/82 shooting for 60 TS%
PG - Monte Morris $9.1M - 62 games, 1695 min - 10p/3r/5a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes - 15 PER, 48/38/83 shooting for 58 TS%
C - Isaiah Stewart $3.4M - 50 games, 1414 min - 11p/8r/1a - 0s/1b with 1 made threes - 13.1 PER, 44/33/74 shooting for 56 TS%

A solid all-around bench that can spell the starters while keeping up a high level of shooting and defense. Collins will be able to spot start/sub early as matchups dictate to provide size and rebounding if needed.

Other Key Contributors
C - Daniel Gafford $1.9M - 78 games, 1604 min - 9p/6r/1a - 0s/1b with 0 made threes - 19.7 PER, 73/0/68 shooting for 74 TS%
SF - Jalen McDaniels $1.9M - 80 games, 1913 min - 9p/4r/2a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes - 11.8 PER, 46/33/84 shooting for 56 TS%

These two provide high-level depth at the big/wing positions. Both are just good players that won’t kill us if needed for spot minutes throughout the year.

Deep Bench
PF - Jabari Smith $8.9M - 79 games, 2451 min - 13p/7r/1a - 1s/1b with 2 made threes - 11.2 PER, 41/31/79 shooting for 51 TS%
PF - Jeff Green $4.5M - 56 games, 1091 min - 8p/3r/1a - 0s/0b with 1 made threes - 11 PER, 49/29/74 shooting for 58 TS%

Specific skills on the deep bench to provide small-ball shooting/switching options if the need ever arises.

Did Not Play - Coach’s Decision
PG - Aaron Holiday $2M - 63 games, 845 min - 4p/1r/1a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes - 9.4 PER, 42/41/84 shooting for 53 TS%
SF - Kessler Edwards $1.6M - 36 games, 385 min - 3p/2r/1a - 0s/0b with 0 made threes - 8.4 PER, 39/31/73 shooting for 50 TS%
Team Trader Jake drafted Nikola Jokic. Then the NBA season played out and everyone finally saw what was possible when he was surrounded by the right mix of players. Ditto here with plenty of defense, shooters, and versatile hoopers around him.

Starting lineup:
5 Nikola Jokic
4 Draymond Green (backup 5)
3 Jaden McDaniels
2 Desmond Bane
1 Jrue Holiday

Bench scorer: Jordan Clarkson
Rookie punch: Jalen Williams (JDub)
Defense: Alex Caruso
Versatility: Terance Mann & Siddiq Bey
Veteran: Jae Crowder

The Joker proves many wrong this season. Don't make the same mistake here.
Bump to see if we can get any more writeups. I’d like to get at least 7 rankings in by end of this week if possible so I can pull together some end of season consolidated rankings.

PG - Trae Young $37.1M - nysfl2 - 73 games, 2541 min - 26p/3r/10a - 1s/0b with 2 made threes - 22 PER, 43/34/89 shooting for 57 TS%

SF - Bennedict Mathurin $6.6M - nysfl2 - 78 games, 2222 min - 17p/4r/1a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes - 13.1 PER, 43/32/83 shooting for 57 TS%

C - Jarrett Allen $20M - nysfl2 - 68 games, 2220 min - 14p/10r/2a - 1s/1b with 0 made threes - 19.9 PER, 64/10/73 shooting for 67 TS%

PG - Mike Conley $22.7M - nysfl2 - 67 games, 2029 min - 12p/3r/7a - 1s/0b with 2 made threes - 14.7 PER, 43/39/83 shooting for 58 TS%

PF - Zion Williamson $13.5M - nysfl2 - 29 games, 956 min - 26p/7r/5a - 1s/1b with 0 made threes - 25.2 PER, 61/37/71 shooting for 65 TS%

SG - Alec Burks $10M - nysfl2 - 51 games, 1122 min - 13p/3r/2a - 1s/0b with 2 made threes - 16.5 PER, 44/41/81 shooting for 60 TS%

C - Jalen Duren $4.1M - nysfl2 - 67 games, 1670 min - 9p/9r/1a - 1s/1b with 0 made threes - 17.3 PER, 65/0/61 shooting for 66 TS%

SG - Josh Green $3.1M - nysfl2 - 60 games, 1539 min - 9p/3r/2a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes - 11.2 PER, 54/40/72 shooting for 65 TS%

C - Isaiah Hartenstein $7.8M - nysfl2 - 82 games, 1626 min - 5p/7r/1a - 1s/1b with 0 made threes - 14.2 PER, 54/22/68 shooting for 57 TS%

SF - Nassir Little $4.2M - nysfl2 - 54 games, 976 min - 7p/3r/1a - 0s/0b with 1 made threes - 10.2 PER, 44/37/72 shooting for 56 TS%

PF - Isaiah Livers $1.6M - nysfl2 - 52 games, 1199 min - 7p/3r/1a - 1s/1b with 1 made threes - 8.4 PER, 42/37/82 shooting for 57 TS%

SG - Javonte Green $1.8M - nysfl2 - 32 games, 480 min - 5p/3r/1a - 1s/1b with 0 made threes - 14.5 PER, 57/37/67 shooting for 65 TS%

PF - Jake LaRavia $3M - nysfl2 - 35 games, 414 min - 3p/2r/1a - 0s/0b with 1 made threes - 6.7 PER, 39/34/78 shooting for 53 TS%

PG - Gary Payton II $8.3M - nysfl2 - 22 games, 367 min - 5p/3r/1a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes - 13.3 PER, 59/50/86 shooting for 70 TS%

SF - Otto Porter $6M - nysfl2 - 8 games, 146 min - 6p/2r/1a - 1s/0b with 1 made threes - 14 PER, 50/35/100shooting for 66 TS%
This team sucked. Trey Young forgot how to shoot 3s, mike Conley is very old, and (big shocker) Zion got hurt and missed most of the season.

When your best picks played for a 17-win pistons team, things clearly went terribly wrong.

0 out of 10 stars, would not recommend

The team might not be good, but the write up is All NBA level. 4.8 out of 5 stars. Would recommend to my friends.
Team Scoobus

Guard Rotation
Luka Doncic 32p/9r/8a 50/34/74
Tyrese Maxey 20p/3r/4a 48/43/85
Austin Reaves 13p/3r/3a 53/40/86
Quentin Grimes 11p/3r/2a 47/39/80

Luka is Luka, an absolute force. Austin Reaves turned into a revelation, can easily play alongside Luka when we need more size, and can switch onto wings. Need more offense? Tyrese Maxey is an absolute bomber, and can run the second team offense the few minutes Luka is off the court. Need more defense? Quentin Grimes fills that roll beautifully, while still hitting from deep at a near 40% clip.

Wing Rotation
Jerami Grant 20p/4r/2a - 48/40/81
Brandon Ingram 25p/5r/6a -48/39/88
Cameron Johnson 15p/4r/2a - 47/40/84
Grant Williams 8p/5r/2a -45/40/77

Grant and Cam Johnson likely start based on their minutes, both long, athletic, switchable guys who can bury from 3 when left alone (and Grant has some creation skills as well). Brandon Ingram comes in off the bench based on his minutes, and is an absolute mercenary in that role. Grant Williams also provides gritty defense and a dose of nasty, while still being able to connect from deep.

Center Rotation
Jaren Jackson Jr 19p/7r/1a - 51/36/79
Onyeka Okongwu 10p/7r/1a - 64/31/78

JJJ just won DPOY, while still connecting on 36% from deep. Want to give Luka a chance with a roll-man? Enter Okongwu, who provides excellent defense in his own right and can smash some lobs.

How do you build a team around Luka? You surround him with versatile, switchable defenders that can all drain it at 40% from 3-point land. Oh, and the NBA DPOY, who isn't too shabby himself from deep as well. This team is a nightmare to defend, with Luka running the show, and never a person on the court you can leave alone from 3. And defensively, we're tall, long, rangy, athletic, and any shortcomings are largely erased by our DPOY winning stud on the back line.
Some minor edits required, but this team was built cohesively, and oh man did it deliver in full. We lost Wiggins for a bit but he came back and showed why he's among the best wings in the NBA. Some upgrades to Kessler, Hardy, and Derrick White, and they take minutes from Clarke and Kleber and Dosunmu. My god this team just fits. Fantastic rotations abound, with some great bench guard and wing options, and the 5 spot easily locked down for 48 minutes between the reigning MVP and the only other guy who got first place ROtY votes along Banchero.

This team is awesome. Preseason favorite, and it only improved during the season.

The starting lineup:
  • Guards: Donovan Mitchell and Tyrese Haliburton
    • Both are great on and off the ball, and Mitchell is showing everything he can truly do with a team that's excited to move around and has other guys who can actually do stuff with the ball (unlike Gobert, Royce O'Neal, etc)
    • Haliburton has been a monster since getting out of Sacramento in one of the more inexplicable trades we've seen
    • We're going to see how it plays out this year, but Mitchell has all the tools to become a great defender if the team and his work ethic demand it. Long, crazy athletic, side to side ability, etc. I think he was super worth the cost at just his current skillset, but do have some hope he develops defensively on this Cavs team
  • Wings: Andrew Wiggins and Herb Jones
    • I started structuring the team with a philosophy similar to what I know and love, and have been super excited for as a Dallas fan since Nico and Kidd came on: a couple offensive hubs surrounded by high level defense and switchability on the wings. Wiggins and Jones bring that, both able to guard 1-4 (Wiggins better at the 4 part), and we could go small and run anyone out of the gym. These are also two guys who can hold their own on defense against the stars: Luka, LeBron, Durant, Kawhi, Ja, Tatum, etc.
    • Wiggins locked in on individual defense in the playoffs last year was incredible. He's easily the best I've ever seen defend Luka or Tatum.
    • Jones is in his second year and a fantastic contract besides, so tons of upside here
  • Big man: Joel Embiid
    • How much do I really need to say? Constant MVP candidate, has led the league in scoring, turns the ball over less every year, plays fantastic defense, and is one of the best personalities in interviews
    • Actually won the MVP this year - fantastic on both ends of the court
The bench and rotation:
  • Guys getting real minutes:
    • Ayo Dosunmu: a great starter for the Bulls who is an absolute hound on defense and is shooting really well, as he showed scoring chops at Illinois
    • Derrick White: steady jack of all trades who doesn't hurt you in any one aspect of the game. Showed he's a meaningful contributor ad belongs in the NBA Finals. He can keep all the pieces moving, get stars the ball in the right spots, guard 1-3, so he'll see some time in a "three guard" lineup where he's defending the wing on bench units
    • Walker Kessler: From Embiid backup with upside to high end ROY contender, Kessler is a dream on a squad with guys like Mitchell, Haliburton, and Wiggins. A defensive anchor who may actually improve the defense over the reigning MVP.
    • Jaden Hardy: gets his own category because he's a top 3 in his class talent who struggled a bit in the G-League, but easily the highest upside $1M player by far. Maybe this season he gets a shot to replace Brunson, as he's got a handle and can score. If so, he's a huge boost to my rotation. That's what I wrote last time. Dude showed out and lived up to it. He's got 6-th man microwave vibes and will be an awesome low-end rotation bench scorer.
  • Guys who get minutes every so often depending on matchup:
    • Maxi Kleber: criminally underrated guy who gets run in the regular season and minutes ramp up in the playoffs. Guards 3/4 mainly, and can play the 5 against small teams (will get destroyed by even a guy like Valanciunas mostly). Deadeye shooter come the playoffs every year, switchable onto guards effectively (ask Booker and CP3), and by all accounts an incredible teammate
    • Dyson Daniels: high first round pick, huge at like 6'8" and listed as a point guard, Daniels can guard 1-3, I think he learns how to guard 1-4, and he's a great distributor who's got decent shooting touch. We'll see how he develops in NO this year.
    • Brandon Clarke: love this guy, as do the advanced metrics. Great roll man, and Embiid and Kleber and Wiggins all have the shooting that he can be our roll guy if needed for a few minutes (though he likely almost never shares the floor with Embiid). Lobs from Mitchell and Haliburton and White and Dosunmu will be great fun as we terrorize the smaller and typically less athletic second units out there in the league.
    • Josh Okogie: let's see if he gets the 3 and D down in Phoenix this season. I interviewed and put him through some draft workouts for one of the teams when I was in the NBA, so I've got a soft spot. Great kid. He's showing some flashes in Phoenix.
  • Guys to round out the roster who don't really play:
    • Paul Reed: Everyone in Philly always clamors for more from him. Maybe he does some cool stuff.
    • Ryan Rollins: had to get a 15th guy
Sorry I missed this last week. Been hit and miss in the FFA lately.

Team Jayrod
PG - James Harden - started slow, doesn't play much defense, but he also led the league in assists and shot 39% from 3 on the season with high volume. He makes the offensive engine run.

SG - Jevon Carter - he gets the start next to Harden (something he did a lot for the Bucks) because he can defend and was the best 3-pt shooter on the team at 42%. That fills 2 much needed holes that my higher drafted SG does not.

SF - Mikal Bridges - he was the usual incredibly efficient, great defender he has always been, but became the go-to scorer for the Nets after being traded. Putting up 20ppg unlikely on this team, but he is capable to score in bunches when called upon. He is the BEST glue guy in the league today.

PF - Lauri Markkanen - had a breakout all-star season averaging 26pts/9rbs per game. Shot 39% from 3 and at 7' is a capable off-defender in the post. Harden, Bridges and Adebayo are all better than anything he had to work with this season.

C - Bam Adebayo - Stellar defense (2nd team), solid mid-range scoring and great rebounding (20/9 per game). He won't single handedly win many games, but him and Mikal Bridges will anchor the team on both ends. With high basketball IQ and great ball movement along with elite defense.

Top Bench/role players: Guys with strong skillsets who will get high minutes every night
C - Nick Claxton - If Bam wasn't so good, I'd be tempted to start him, he was THAT good this year. 2 blocks/game and a 69% TS%, he is the prototypical modern NBA big man. Gives elite rim protection and great finishing on the pick and roll along with tremendous rebounding.

SG - Jalen Green - as a starter his inefficiency on high volume with poor defense would be a serious problem. But coming off the bench as a Vinnie-Johnson scorer? He'd be in consideration for 6th man of the year. Green can score and run and score and run and score. He's young athletic and fearless. Him giving 18/game off the bench would be highly probable and give most teams fits.

Rotation guys/deep bench: Players who's playing time will fluctuate depending on need and matchups
PG/SG - Andrew Nembhard - most likely sub for Harden at PG, but could slide to SG with Carter still in. Shot a respectable 35% from 3, but is more of a playmaker (5 apg). A better defender than Harden as well and would eat up some minutes without being a liability at either end.

PF - Jeremy Sochan - he's just a rookie and not a very good shooter, but Sochan is a HIGH motor guy, athletic and a good defender who will bring a ton of energy off the bench and be a crowd favorite. With him in, the intensity and pace of play will ratchet up a bit and he is a decent small ball 5 if needed who can even handle the ball and distribute in spots.

SG/SF - Aaron Wiggins - the best all-around shooter on the team (51/39/83), Wiggins will get some time for sure to stretch the floor and can give some good minutes on the wings when needed.

PG - Jalen Suggs - I drafted him to be my 6th man, but he underperformed and will land here in the rotation. A capable scorer, he will get more time if he's on, but will see 10 mpg most nights.

C - Day'Ron Sharpe - Had a decent season as Claxton's actual backup in his 2nd year. He's young athletic and 6'11" and can give some decent deep bench big man minutes without giving up any defense or rebounding.

End of bench: Won't play unless shorthanded or game is over

SF - Deni Avdija

SF - Chris Duarte

C - Bruno Fernando
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1. Are we going to rank the teams from last year?
2. Are we going to do this again?
3. WTF happened to the spreadsheet?
1. Are we going to rank the teams from last year?
2. Are we going to do this again?
3. WTF happened to the spreadsheet?
@scoobus and I were the only ones who submitted rankings for last year, and in a strange coincidence we both finished tied for first.

Yes, we are doing this again. I’ll get it going close to the start of the season so we can catch all the final salary amounts. I’ll probably need to increase our cap to match the increase in the NBA cap.

No idea on the spreadsheet - I’ll see if I can find it.
1. Are we going to rank the teams from last year?
2. Are we going to do this again?
3. WTF happened to the spreadsheet?
@scoobus and I were the only ones who submitted rankings for last year, and in a strange coincidence we both finished tied for first.

Yes, we are doing this again. I’ll get it going close to the start of the season so we can catch all the final salary amounts. I’ll probably need to increase our cap to match the increase in the NBA cap.

No idea on the spreadsheet - I’ll see if I can find it.
Yeah, looks like a bunch of formulas and references got messed up on last years google sheet.
FYI - I’ll get a thread for the new season up in another week or so.

Same rules as last year (unless anyone has any suggestions for changes). How much do I wish I put in keeper rules for this year.

The NBA salary cap went up 10% this year, so we’ll do the same and increase our $15M cap up to $16.5M for 15 players. I’m thinking managing within the cap may be more challenging this year as players are signing new contracts under the new CBA.
FYI - I’ll get a thread for the new season up in another week or so.

Same rules as last year (unless anyone has any suggestions for changes). How much do I wish I put in keeper rules for this year.

The NBA salary cap went up 10% this year, so we’ll do the same and increase our $15M cap up to $16.5M for 15 players. I’m thinking managing within the cap may be more challenging this year as players are signing new contracts under the new CBA.
Sorry everyone, been swamped with work/life craziness lately. I’ll get the new season’s thread going this week. Plan on starting to draft by the end of the month.

Once I get a google workbook set up for this year, I’ll include a tab with last years info as a reference since our last years workbook got messed up. I’m hoping to catch as many of the last minute transactions in our salary list before I set everything up.

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