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2023-2024 NBA Salary Cap Draft - SECOND Annual Battle for the Wikkid Cup - Preseason Rankings are In! (1 Viewer)

I still really like my team, I just blew it with backup center or at least a 4 that has some legit experience as a small ball center. Hartenstein was the pick

Guard: Steph Curry, KCP, Jaden Ivey, Dyson Daniels
Forward: Luka, Trey Murphy, Harrison Barnes, Peyton Watson
Center: Wendell Carter, Kevin Love

Bench: KJ Martin, Jarred Vanderbilt, Dwight Powell, Hunter Tyson, Boban

The biggest question is obviously defense - Luka showed mild improvement, but Curry looks as bad as ever. The reset of the starting lineup isn't good enough to cover up for them. The bench has Barnes who is steady, but not great, and Daniels and Watson who are total studs, but also Love and Ivey who are trash. Maybe pairing most of the Love minutes with Watson could temper the lack of traditional rim defense a bit. If you don't know much about Watson, here are some defensive highlights.

Offensively, this team is sick. The starting lineup combines for 41.7 3PTA/36 at 39.0% (BOS shot the most in the league this year - 42.5/48 minutes) - and the ball should pop with smart players across the board. Barnes could slid in for Murphy to offer more size at the second starting forward position and keep the offense humming. Love still offers spacing, Ivey would pop a little more with NBA spacing, and Watson and Daniels are inconsistent but show fun flashes.

With the top end talent, I think this would end up being a 7.5 man playoff rotation - the starters + Watson and Barnes with 10-12 minutes coming from Love (or Vanderbilt if he was healthy). Watson and Murphy can both slide down to SG when KCP or Steph are out. If more creation is needed, when Luka is off the court, Ivey could get a little bit of run.

Ultimately, I think the defense is going to be decent enough to be roughly mid-pack while the offense would be the best the sport has ever seen.
Works been brutal for me but hopefully next week I’ll kick off the end of season voting so we can all tell Moops how awesome his team is.

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