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2022-23 NBA Thread: “you’ll never let me down like the Heat did”, Miami fan says to giant pile of cocaine (2 Viewers)

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Jaylen Brown's inability to dribble at an NBA level, yet continuing to insist on trying, is remarkable.

Russell Westbrook shooting or Brown dribbling?
at least with Russ you can count on him randomly catching fire. with Jaylen it seems 80/20 he's going to fumble the ball away when he puts it on the floor. and the other 20 is just dumb luck that he doesn't turn the ball over.
While I think Tatum PROBABLY traveled it wasn't 100% obvious in real time.(at least to me)

The Butler walk was blatantly obvious. Awful missed call
White having a nice few minutes, at least in between Brown turnivers.
We have bad Jaylen Brown so far tonight. Hit a couple shots early, but his turnovers make him a new negative.

Honestly he has had a bad series.

Still a chance to be the hero, Jaylen!
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