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2022-23 NBA Thread: “you’ll never let me down like the Heat did”, Miami fan says to giant pile of cocaine (2 Viewers)

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I was wrong. I said the Red Sox comeback was better. If the Celtics win this series it would be the greatest 3 - 0 comebacks ever.
fireballers need to stay calm here and play this out without dumb turnovers take that to the bank brohans
I don’t follow it nearly as closely as most if you but this seems like a great outcome for Denver - seems like they should be heavy favorites.
Nuggets with the easy sweep. Who is guarding Jokic? Lol at Bam trying.

I have no skin in the game but to me Murray should be about Butler, Nuggets other guys > Miami’s, but biggest thing is what you say - Jokic >>> Bam.
Either Pope or Gordon will most likely check Butler
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