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2022 Most VALUABLE / LEAST VALUABLE fantasy players............. (1 Viewer)

I have three LVPs on one team. (Which somehow is in the championship)

Darren Waller - injuries were a factor but in ppg he’s not a top 12, drafted top 5 by most.

Mike Evans - I forget his ADP but had to be in the WR2 range, a popular “safety” Pick. Currently Wr30 ppg in ppr.

Diontae Johnson - many of us had high expectations tempered by the QB situation, but still thought to be a decent wr3 at worst. Currently wr44.

But, the winner is probably Kyle Pitts with runners up Russel Wilson and Courtland Sutton.

You’re welcome for the motivation mike ;)

there was a discussion this am on a fantasy talk show that league winners should consider donating a portion of their winnings to a charity that their fantasy team mvp supports, which was a pretty cool idea imo

yes. Or take the opportunity to consider the causes you value and do what you can to help those. Most of us can do more.
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Kind of shocked I don't see this but...

Tee Higgins for a lot of folks helped spread millions of dollars around to players who might have gotten a much smaller amount for 2nd Place
Think about it
Personal MVP(s) - the Hurts and AJ Brown stack. QB10 in my league and Brown in the 4th. They were a magic combo, combined with Cmac, Walker (one of my best ever waiver grabs) and unsung heroes like Maher and the Pats DEF.

Personal LVP - Pitts, just utterly awful apart from one week, which by then i'd cut him and didn't care what he did.

MVP from other teams - Jacobs (RB1 in like the 6th round, nashed my teeth all year I didn't take him)
LVP from other teams - Taylor
I'm in 9 dynasty leagues which all have 2-3 week final 4's at the end and I was in 6 of the final 4's. Someone other then me had Ekeler in all 6 leagues and in total he was on a roster in 8 of the 9 final 4's. Something to be said for that and safe to say I hate him, lol.
Agree with Jalen Hurts, who had accuracy issues that he magically resolved, and AJ Brown, who took himself to the elite level the first year after being traded.

One name that hasn't been mentioned so far is Amari Cooper. He dropped to me in the ninth round of a twelve team league after Deshaun was suspended for 11 games, ALSO in his first year after being traded. He is a WR1 and saved his best for week 17.

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