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2022 NCAA quarter draft #1 (1 Viewer)


Have good
I'm in. Tomorrow is not ideal will be able to queue up some picks though.  Day 1 tends to be slow 



Have good
How much could it cost me if I did really bad?

This is the strict definition of a zero sum game.  So you can faceplant nearly completely and if the tournament mostly goes to chalk you are out like $25 bucks.  If someone gets a 12 seed to the final four and a few other 8s/9s make it deep along with a bunch of early upsets.  That has you casting a shadow on -$100 rather fast.   

So your risk here is really driven nearly completely by how well the 1s and 2s carry to the elite 8.  



Black Ice Skeptic
Roll em


Roll 1 d 1000 +0

then roll subtract 0

Roll this set of dice  1  times

Send the signed results of this roll to yourself:  <your email>

and the GM:  shukies at gmail dot com

with this subject: quarters <your name>

Highest roll goes first.  Failure to follow instructions will require you to roll again.



Roll ID: 388071

MD5 checksum: 8f95d1ec868c0372271d5b668b697ba2

Verified die roll:

1d1000, rolled once.

Roll set 1
Die rolls: 83
Roll subtotal: 83
Roll total: 83


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