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2023 NCAA quarter draft (1 Viewer)



Nick Vermeil

So for a second group, looks like we have

@The Z Machine
@Nick Vermeil
@Drunken Cowboy

I think shuke said he'd be in for a second. @Harry Frogfish if you're willing to play with us poors, we'd only need one more unless I missed someone, or someone who wants to play in 2.

Can you take the lead on the second one and start another thread?
Ok, but I may have questions along the way.
I may have questions from the jump.




Black Ice Skeptic
Draft link in first post. Go when ready but as long as we start by tomorrow evening we should be good.


Black Ice Skeptic
how does this work again?

Everyone drafts 8 teams. For each win your team gets, you get paid n number of quarters from everyone. The n = seed multiplied by round (1/2/3/4/5/6).

So if your 1 seed wins round one, you get $1.75 (25 cents each from everyone). If your 12 seed wins round 2 you get 24 quarters ($6 each) from everyone ($42 total).


As a heads up I have a court hearing beginning at 9:30 AM PST (~10 minutes from now). This will take all my attention and will probably last ~1 hour. This should be my only distraction today.

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