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NCAA quarter draft - getting the band back together (1 Viewer)


Black Ice Skeptic
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This should be super easy to fill, the .75 I'm not so sure but holding out hope. If we can't fill the .75 or 1.00 then I'd be in for any additional .25 and .50 drafts


As long as someone is vouching for him, I'm good.  Assuming @culdeus is in, that makes 8.  

We need to have some discussions about how we are handling replacement teams.  Best way is whoever drafted the team getting replaced gets the replacement team at the same seed number. 
I agree with that suggestion. Can't think of a better way to do it. 

Dice roll instructions in first post.  Someone PM me their email so I can send my roll to them.

Lol, guess I'm going last

1d1000, rolled  once.

Roll set 1
        Die rolls: 105
        Roll subtotal: 105
        Roll total: 105


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