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2016 NCAA Dollar Bracket Draft - Full - Round 1 (1 Viewer)


New Sign Up For 2016

1. FUJB - 746

2. Cheese - 148

3. Arby - 160

4. Detriot - 814

5. Pumpnick - 217

6. Oukurt - 798

7.Penguin - 632

8. Rhett - 499
1.1 Detriot - Kentucky (4)

1.2 Oukurt - West Virginia (3)

1.3 FUJB - Purdue (5)

1.4 Penguin - Michigan St (2)

1.5 Kojak - Wichita State (11)

1.6 Pump

1.7 Arby

1.8 Cheese

2.1 Cheese

2.2 Arby

2.3 Pump

2.4 Kojak

2.5 Penguin

2.6 FUJB

2.7 Oukurt

2.8 Detriot

3.1 Detriot

3.2 Oukurt

3.3 FUJB

3.4 Penguin

3.5 Kojak

3.6 Pump

3.7 Arby

3.8 Cheese

4.1 Cheese

4.2 Arby

4.3 Pump

4.4 Kojak

4.5 Penguin

4.6 FUJB

4.7 Oukurt

4.8 Detriot

5.1 Detriot

5.2 Oukurt

5.3 FUJB

5.4 Penguin

5.5 Kojak

5.6 Pump

5.7 Arby

5.8 Cheese

6.1 Cheese

6.2 Arby

6.3 Pump

6.4 Kojak

6.5 Penguin

6.6 FUJB

6.7 Oukurt

6.8 Detriot

7.1 Detriot

7.2 Oukurt

7.3 FUJB

7.4 Penguin

7.5 Kojak

7.6 Pump

7.7 Arby

7.8 Cheese

8.1 Cheese

8.2 Arby

8.3 Pump

8.4 Kojak

8.5 Penguin

8.6 FUJB

8.7 Oukurt

8.8 Detriot

After you sign up please roll for draft order...Go to http://www.rpglibrar...1000&mds=6&dt=1

Roll 1 d 1000 +0 and sum them all

Roll this set of dice ONE time

Put in your email

1) My email (ffcavalier@gmail.com)


3) Please put what pool it is for in the title

Highest Roll goes first and so on

It's a zero sum spreadsheet where 8 people draft 8 teams each.

"Points" are then awarded based on wins in successive rounds.

How it works:

8 people each draft 8 teams (serpentine, randomly generated order).

You get points based on the seed # times the round of the tournament, so if you have a 12 seed win a 2nd round game, you get 24 points.

It is a zero sum game, so if you win a point, you win $7 and everyone else loses $1

Cash settlements are due via Paypal within 1 week of the end of the tournament. If you do not have Paypal please do not join.

I will organize the payouts to minimize the number of transactions.

At the end of the tourney we settle up via PayPal

LHUCKS is not allowed to play..neither is Linus Scrimmage

DRAFT BEGINS: As soon as all 8 have rolled.

CLOCK: There will not be a clock unless one is needed. Please be on here regularly during the time of the draft to make sure the pick is not stuck on you for an extended period. If you would like you can PM me your phone number and I will text you when you are on the clock. Please be available Wednesday night if we are unable to have it finished by then I would like to go very quick on Wednesday night at 8PM EST in order to finish on time so that Thursday can be spent enjoying the games.

LAG CLAUSE: Please do not hold up the draft. It is understandable that we are all on different schedules but if you are scheduled to be up soon and you know you may be unavailable please send a pick list to someone in the draft.

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Anyone vogue for/know Arby?   Nothing personal Arby, someone got stiffed a few years ago and I don't believe we have crossed paths before.

OUKURT said he's still in

Detroit and Penguin?

I think FDAS is out. If all that is correct we have 7 interested

I'm active on the wagering thread, i have sent an envelope years ago to Kurt. I'm good for my money.
Not saying you are not good for it, just doing my do diligence.   :D    I am sure there will be no objections, speak now or forever hold your peace people.   Roll Arby. 

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